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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by movieman_kev 4 / 10 / 10

not to be confused with the horror classic, though both have balls in them

Directed by Richard Franklin (whom would go onto better things with "Psycho 2" and "Roadgames"), comes this tawdry number wherein Professor Jurgen Notafreud (John Bluthal from Dark City, and the Fifth Element) reveals the 'top ten womens' fantasies' in this porn mockumenty. The fantasies include, a girl lusting for her hairdresser, wife swapping at a strip poker game, strap-on, rape, sex with John Holmes, incest, prostitution, school play and religious sacrilege. This is a VERY mixed back. The doctor is supremely unfunny and cringe-inducing, some of the 'fantasies' are great, but some are awful. All of them are hard soft-core by the way. Plus you get some extremely top heavy women and of course John Holmes, that in itself is worthy enough to give this one at least a rent. It was followed by a severely lacking sequel to quickly cash-in on this film's success. My Grade: C- DVD Extras: Commentary by Antony Ginnane (one of the most interesting and informative ones I've heard); almost 23 minute retrospective featurette 'Fantasm Penetrated'; and theatrical trailer Eye Candy: more full frontal and ass than you can shake a stick at (in one viewing at least) Serena, Shayne, Maria Aronoff, Rene Bond, Roxanne Brewer, Wendy Cavanaugh, Uschi Digard, Gretchen Gayle, Dee Dee Levitt, Maria Lutra, Helen O'Connell, Candy Samples, and Maria Welton all bare all; plus some girls I don't know show a lot as well For the Ladies: a few balls and peni (plural of penis)

Reviewed by LoneWolfAndCub 3 / 10 / 10

Soft-core sex comedy is a hit and miss

The recent documentary, Not Quite Hollywood, has inspired me to see every movie featured in it. Recently I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday 12 Ozploitation flicks, this being one of them. I did not go into this expecting much, and I did not get it. Although it has some genuinely funny moments, and some 'what the hell' scenes, the rest was just random and nonsensical. There is very little plot in this movie, as it is based around a Professor explaining 10 common female fantasies. Of course, these are all acted out for us, some very explicit, others not so much. I suppose you have to be in the right mood to get into Fantasm, and although it is not overly bad, it is nothing to write home about. Richard Franklin is a competent director (he did a great job of Psycho II and the Hitchcockian thriller Roadgames) and it shows here. The film flows well and never really gets boring, just odd. Fantasm is only recommended to those who want to see every Ozploitation film or someone who is just looking for a cheap laugh. 2½/5

Reviewed by augustian 3 / 10 / 10

This has not aged well

This may have been a cult film back in the day but apart from a couple of moments it is quite boring and not very erotic. With a cast drawn mainly from hardcore porn, this soft core film is a series of vignettes held together by the supposed expert observations of Professor Jurgen Notafreud (John Bluthal). The scenes range from comedic to what some people may regard as downright offensive, but then some people may say that sensibilities have changed since 1976. The film starts off with an almost Monty Python type sketch in which a woman pleasuring herself looks a bit nonplussed as the professor walks across the room while talking to camera. From here each scene is introduced by the professor in terms of female fantasies. These range from schoolgirl to strip poker to lesbian affairs to group sex to rape and religious orgy. The cast are American names such as Rene Bond, John Holmes, Candy Samples and Roxanne Brewer. The director, real name Richard Franklin would go on to greater things but this is not one of his greatest achievements.

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