Fight Back to School

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GIB 01 10 / 10 / 10

A funny movie

Fight Back to School is a sometimes childish, but very funny movie that all ages can enjoy. Perhaps it can be compared to the Naked Gun, but less silly and more focused. The story concerns an officer named Star Chow who must go undercover as a student to recover a stolen gun. Not the brightest of people in terms of math and science, you can probably guess the type of comedy that follows. Much of the comedy looks like it belongs in a cartoon show, but it is all very well done and never seems out of place. In one scene, while taking a history exam, Star tries to cheat by using his cell phone to call his partner outside for answers. His partner calls the department and the comedy begins. The most "capable" of officers are called into a room in the department and frantically seach for the exam answers as Star's partner outside throws a banana up behind the class window to inform him that the answer is "b". This is the type of comedy that basically runs throughout the film, so if it's the kind that makes you laugh, perhaps you should give it a look. I saw this film many years ago on a small screen TV during a trip, so I had forgotten most of it. Recently I watch the DVD, and recommend it to Hong Kong movie fans looking for some comedy. There's a bit of everything, even some kung fu action.

Reviewed by kwongers 7 / 10 / 10

One of Stephen Chow's best films

One of the best Stephen Chow movies. Although it lacks the polish and CGI of his latest efforts, "Shaolin Soccer" and "Kung Fu Hustle," this movie is still hugely entertaining and essential viewing, especially if you like Chow's special brand of "moleitau" (nonsense humor). Chow plays Star Chow, a cop who goes undercover as a student in order to find a missing gun. He is understandably annoyed, shouting at his senior, "I wanted to be a cop so I didn't have to go to school anymore!" He gets to display a huge range of hilarious, ticked-off expressions. Plot is thin, but who cares: after all, this movie is just a stage for Chow to show off his impeccable comic timing, slapstick, and nonsense humor. The familiar supporting cast is also strong. Chow has to deal with a myriad of things as an undercover at school: professors that throw chalkboard erasers at him, student gangs and cliques, homework, tests, girls, etc. This is great comic material and Chow rises to the occasion admirably. There's a hilarious scene where he cheats on his Chinese history test by calling up the police station and asking the chief to give him the answers. Other hilarious scenes include him failing to turn in his homework and being subject to public humiliation, fitting in with his classmates, dealing with an absent-minded science professor, and developing a crush on one of his teachers. Compared the "Kung Fu Hustle" and "Shaolin Soccer," this movie is less accessible to Western audiences because of the abundance of verbal comedy. It is still a very funny movie with tons of slapstick, but it's even funnier if you understand Cantonese because a lot of the comedy comes from Cantonese slang and Chow's intonation. However, I've shown this movie to friends who don't understand Cantonese at all and they have all loved it. Bottom line: One of Chow's best. This movie is a good example of why audiences love Chow and why he was one of the biggest HK box-office draws in the 90s (he still is a big box office draw). He oozes winning charisma and charm. Laugh-out-loud funny. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld 7 / 10 / 10

Another good example of a good Stephen Chow comedy

Stephen Chow gives slapstick a whole other meaning. Like many of his movies he provides a humor that is very visual and easy to understand. So very accessible for a large (international) audience. In "Fighting back to school" there are some jokes that require knowledge of the Cantonese language. But because these jokes are accompanied by some visual sketch you do get what it all is about. While "Fighting Back to School" is a pure comedy there is just enough action to keep those fans happy. It is well know fact that Stephen Chow is a huge fan of Bruce Lee. He also tries to show it in many of his movies. In "Fighting back..." there are some scenes which are a obvious tribute to the Master. I couldn't discover any direct parodies on certain movies. But it is my guess that "Fightin back..." is some sort of take on teen high school movies produced in Hollywood. But who cares ,it doesn't matter because Stephen Chow movies are fun. Just watch it!

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