Final Verdict


Crime / Drama / Mystery / TV Movie

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Erica Durance as Trudy
Steve Byers as Kevin
Tyrone Benskin as Det. Lewis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol1218 6 / 10 / 10

Knowing too much can be very very dangerous

(There are Spoilers) Mind twisting murder drama that takes, in movie time, almost ten years to unravel. It all starts simply enough with the conviction of New York City restaurateur William McCauley, Bruce Dinsmore, in the contract murder of his wife Patricia, Maxine Morin. It was hit-man Luis Alvaraz, Edward Yankie, who's testimony convinced the jury of McCauley's guilt in Patricia's murder even though her body was never found! Alvarez said that after he blew Particia away, with a bullet to the chest and head, he pumped her body into the East River where it was washed out to sea. This conviction made both Manhattan D.A Ry Voss, Sabastian Roberts, and his assistant, and secret lover, Magen Washington's, Erica Dyrance, popularity go sky high with both advancing in both city politics, with Voss running for major, and the NYC Justice Deartment; with Magen now in line for Voss' job as the city's new District Attorney. That's until eight years later when the proverbial sh*t suddenly hit the fan with Particia's body discovered in a construction site in Manhattan's lower East Side not out as sea as her "killer" Luis Alvaraz testified to where he disposed of it! The movie "Final Verdict" starts to get real murky when almost out of nowhere Casey Gordon, Steve Byer, comes on the scene and offers his services, as a private detective, to Megan who's in fact anything but interested in them. The fact that Casey saved Magen's life, from being frozen to death in a walk-in freezer, doesn't seem to make a dent on her. But It's Casey's uncovering a number of important clues to who was behind Patricia McCauey's murder that did! The key to all that leads Magen to Little Oddessa in Brighton Beach Brooklyn where the headquarters of the notorious Organiztsya or Russian Mafia is situated. ***SPOILERS*** It was Particia's involvement with the Russian Mafia and its boss Ivan Guergerin, Bill Croft, that put into motion the events that lead to not only her murder but those of all the major figures, with the exception of Magen & Voss, in her husbands trial and convection! ****Major Spoiler***The story starts to lose traction when it tries to tie all the loose ends in it together by making it look like the person who's really the victim of this gross injustice, guess who, into its major villain! In fact the real villain, in my opinion, in the film got off easy in that he ended up, even though shot, alive with a very good chance of being found innocent at his future trial, if he were to go on trial in the first place, on an insanity defense!

Reviewed by rps-2 1 / 10 / 10

Typical Canadian self effacement

Oh dear, here we go again, yet another movie shot in Canada by Canadians, subsidized by Canadian taxpayers, produced for Canadian television. Yet the damn thing is set in the USA with US cops, US district attorneys, US judges... Doesn't anybody up here have THE GUTS to do a movie like this set in Canada????? The Canadian film industry will always be THIRD RATE so long as it panders this way to the US market. Appalling!!! Having vented on this subject, as I do regularly, it was not a bad film. Reasonably well shot. Competently acted. Decently written (although the plot gets a little confusing towards the end.) I would have given it a 7 but knocked it down to 4 because of the craven cinematic colonialism.

Reviewed by pranesh-34163 1 / 10 / 10


Basic plot. Far fetched and fanciful scenes. Bagful of money just sitting there for 8 years. No one found it but a quick search 8 years later - bingo. Poor dialogue. Very boring. Ok Day 2 Now I have watched a bit more - hoping. Nothing happened so I logged in to update this before I fell into a coma. I am now going off to watch grass grow. Grass is great - back to the movie. Day 3 Found out the murderer. Wow. Preposterous. This story seems to be written by a random scenario generator and then stitched together. Hard to put this into a genre. Perhaps junk.

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