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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by starcommand 4 / 10 / 10

Joseph Campbell for dummies

This movie will surely appeal to misfits and dreamers of all stripes. It starts off promisingly, introducing a few of Joseph Campbell's key ideas, and even a couple of his subversive ones. Unfortunately, it soon devolves into interviews with several men, most of whom have unconventional occupations, and all but one of whom are white. These men delight in lecturing the audience about the ups and downs and eventual success they achieved during their own "journeys," using a profusion of nauseating "you"-statements instead of "I"-statements. The takeaway from this - that you too can have a fulfilling life if you just do what you love - is nothing new and can be heard in your local college's career counseling office. Oh, but be prepared for the road to be rocky along the way. Heard that one before? This is by a director who made his living making commercials - it shows in his visual style. He has some talent in this area, but he should have left the writing to someone else.

Reviewed by SuzRa1 3 / 10 / 10

Uplifting?! NO! Just sappy. Deserves better...

What did I learn from this? Fans gushing praise quickly came redundant. There may have likely been good parts in there but wading through the feel-good... Nope.

Reviewed by iprento 3 / 10 / 10

Disservice to a great legacy

A bunch of people trying to tell us what Joseph Campbell was telling us. If you really want to hear the great man's message, do yourself a favor and watch any of these instead: The Hero's Journey: The World of Joseph Campbell (1987) Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth (1988) Mythos (1985) Joseph Campbell: Sukhavati (2005) Thinking Allowed: Understanding Mythology (1987) Finding Joe is just — and there is no other way to put it — boring.

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