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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bellatrixn 2 / 10 / 10

Disappointed in this movie's representation of rape and recovery

For a movie dedicated to rape survivors, Priyanka Chopra has produced a movie that not only oversimplifies the aftermath but also completely jumps logic at its end. Rape doesn't just result in a conscious choice to focus on the past vs present. One can't simply "let it go." What's odd is the main actress acknowledges nightmares, invasive memories, traumatized sex with her husband, emotional tension being held in her neck and back, and she suffers with these for years and years. Even after seeing a therapist she struggles with the exercises and sporadic crying. Her choice to let it go or not is not all that is at play. Trauma from rape results in very real, very physical changes to the brain and how the body's set points work-forever. Well after anyone decides to focus on the present, she'll be plagued with invasive thoughts and nightmares. Well after the choice, sex will still suffer from an occasional invasive memory. This actress definitely didn't commit adultery and suddenly cure herself. She's not "good to go" once she changes her perspective. As someone fighting for women's rights and struggles, Priyanka Chopra's production company owes it to those women to at the very least accurately represent what they suffer through and what the road to recovery looks like. For real rape survivors out there who "let it go," live in the present, and yet continue to be plagued please know there are smarter women in this world supporting you with realistic expectations for your recovery and life going forward. As for the rest of the movie, some interesting topics came up, but the characters were never developed enough for them to make a difference. There were at least eight themes or heavy topics, and not a single one was developed or explored to satisfaction.

Reviewed by KushalSrivastava 3 / 10 / 10

Brilliant film

Brilliant film. Loved every part of it. Very impressive work by Usha Jadhav specially. :)

Reviewed by prudhwi 3 / 10 / 10

Netflix is platform for making money doesn't care how the film is

Ridiculous story and direction ! You don't even need to worry about spoilers. Don't waste your time !

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