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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asgard-5 3 / 10 / 10

One of the worst paced movies ever

This film raises eyebrows. Then puts them down. It has people in it that you're familiar with, like Jane Wiedlin (Go-Go's), Kathleen Wilhoite (Angel Heart), Karen Black (Easy Rider), the latter being the most professional of all. It has a story, but it isn't really interested in telling it to you: there's trouble in a family, a blond guy belittles his younger brother for wanting to play piano in a circus show. The star of the show is in trouble too, she's in tight grip of her master. What could've happened if somebody was to rip off Twin Peaks, Santa Sangre & Requiem for a Dream? This... BUT: The scenes drag - total length almost 2 hours - why? Actors look lost as if directed in wrong places. Dialog - boring filler (had this film been silent, it'd be better). Shocks - don't shock. The good points now - Mike Patton. He looks as if he tries hard to have fun playing his characters, even though he's no actor. Photography is very good and rich. And the "humorous bits" in Firecracker are actually pretty funny. Just for Mike Patton completists only. Sorry guys, hope your next movies are better.

Reviewed by lynchaxxonn 10 / 10 / 10

Watch David Lynch Instead

One review said "all style and no substance". I used the same words with my friend only 3 minutes before. Not a coincidence. This is the biggest rip-off(or pointless homage at least) of Blue Velvet(and Twin Peaks) ever created. Which really enrages me cause David Lynch is my favorite director. The acting in this is atrocious. Some of you will be allured by the indie style it's shot or the quirky/dark subject matter and I suppose you'd like David Lynch too. Or perhaps you just dig the shock value of this type of movie. I hope you see one of his films and see how it takes more than just bizarre imagery to make something brilliant. What he does is brilliant and distinctly him. Yea i know maybe i didn't do my research, it could be an homage which is a sweet gesture. Regardless, this movie is clowshoes drizzled in failsauce.

Reviewed by ebbybrett 10 / 10 / 10

"they say nothing ever happens in Kansas"

I was fortunate enough to see this film twice - both the premier screening and it's subsequent showing both at the Raindance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Jury Prize - Best Film. Unfortunately the sound was a bit problematic at the premier, due to a dodgy speaker (front left - the side I was sitting on) and so seeing it again really made a big difference to the film for me. Karen Black (playing both religious mother called Eleanor, and a circus singer called Sandra) was wonderful in her dual roles, and Mike Patton I felt was more convincing as David (Eleanor's abusive alcoholic eldest son) than as Frank - the owner/manager of the circus. The story centers around the disappearance and suspected murder of David, which is investigated by the Sheriff Ed (really well played by Susan Traylor), but also deals with the various unhealthy, abusive and controlling relationships that exist between the characters. The one relationship that seems to be nothing more than friendship is between Jimmy (Eleanor's youngest son) and Sandra, as they each strive for their own freedom from their abusive lives. Eleanor tries to maintain normality in her family - despite her husbands declining health and David's abuse of Jimmy. Sandra strives for a normal life, to return home and escape the circus, particularly the abusive Frank. The question is will they be successful? Visually the film is quite beautiful - the opening shot of the prairie burning is just one example of the wonderful cinematography. A viewer might also recall "Pleasantville" in the film's use of B+W and Colour - the circus is always in colour, the town in black and white. It turns out to be quite a useful convention, on a number of levels, and does help to structure the story for the viewer. I loved this film, mainly for the performance of Karen Black as Eleanor/Sandra, the visual feast of the beautiful cinematography, and the excellently plotted storyline (which is based on true events).

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