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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by abhik-gupta2011 9 / 10 / 10

Underrated & Misunderstood

To be frank, it IS a little surreal to find Rahul Bose of all people in a horror movie with generous amounts of gore. But, it did feel really good. Fired is more of psychological horror rather than a straight gory ghost movie. In fact, I am pretty certain it isn't a ghost movie at all. The movie might be a little too much for most people to swallow- but believe you me, it is born of the same cloth as The Others, Memento and No Smoking. Rahul Bose is good as ever- in fact, he is the omnipresent character throughout the movie and the supporting actors (Dinesh Lambha and Militza) are pretty commendable as well. I would completely understand why some people would want to rate it low and they would probably be the same guys who voted "No Smoking" to be one of the worst movies ever. But this flick has all the tell-tale signs of a damn' good psychological horror movie- and it keeps the suspense and tension going till the end. In short, an afternoon spent really well.

Reviewed by purisai 7 / 10 / 10

Fantastically scary! Gem filled with amazing special effects

As Joy Mittal, Rahul Bose plays a truly troubled soul. You oscillate between hating him to feeling really sorry for him. For one, this movie is going to make it hard for people to work late nights in deserted office buildings. Every sound is going to make your skin crawl. The movie is filled with numerous special effects! The intertwining of the different media used for VFX are outstanding. Amazing feat considering the movie is practically 10 years old! The roping of moments within the story and tying them up in the end is fabulously done. If you're into scary movies, hold on to that popcorn because you're going to get blown away.

Reviewed by reshmamehra 7 / 10 / 10

A underrated horror gem

This movie was easily forgotten Becox there were no big names But as a horror fan this movie is incredible Yup this is most underrated horror movie better then vikram bhatt's all crap horror movies watch it once.

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