First Snow


Drama / Thriller

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Adam Scott as Phil Garrison
J.K. Simmons as James Forester
Piper Perabo as Angela
William Fichtner as Mr. Guidry
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Vantec 7 / 10 / 10

Empty Fate

Judging from other reviews and comments, missing Guy Pearce's performance in 'Memento' helps appreciate 'First Snow'. Here he impressively fleshes out the script's thin characterization of Jimmy Stark, a traveling salesman and life-long huckster who becomes convinced his impending death was foretold by a roadside psychic. The chance encounter sets into motion events he torments himself and those around him to control, thrashing from one catastrophe to another uncertain of their significance. Ultimately everything matters, major and minor, past and present cleverly interlocking for a final resolution. It's a solid and memorable portrayal of a man simultaneously forced to face both his past and his fate. As good as it is though it's trumped by J.K. Simmons' terrific and too-short portrayal of Vacaro, the middle-aged nomad living out a solitary existence with an old pickup and camper to show for his unique 'gift'. Here the film wonderfully avoids the usual dead Hollywood clichés (humourously contrasted and lampooned at one point) for a resigned true psychic who wants little more than to go fishing. Without histrionics or gesture Simmons is utterly convincing and engrossing throughout. If only the same can be said of the sum. With two such strong performances focused on the universal question of fate vs. self-determination it's hard to put a finger on why the film never gels. The plot offers up enough clever and well though-out twists, events unfold naturally without reliance on astronomical coincidences to guide them, supporting characters are serviceable and the cinematography fine, yet the viewer is held at a disinterested distance. Part of the blame rests on the rushed and unsatisfying ending, some of it on where the film does rely on clichés to carry sub-plots - the usual romantic candle-lit tub scene for example to develop Jimmy's relationship with his live-in girlfriend. Only when Pearce and Simmons are on screen together did I care about the characters and those scenes were short. Pearce and Simmons tack points on an otherwise promising but mid-pack film. 7/10.

Reviewed by rmack27 6 / 10 / 10

Getting the most out of a simple plot.

As soon as i read the cast for this movie i knew i would enjoy it. Pearce Perabo and Fitchner all give fine performances. At first glance you may think the plot line is cliché and overly simplistic, and you may be right, but it is the way the story is told, the setting, and the great performance from Guy Pearce that will really suck you in and have you thinking about this movie for long after it is over. This is the kind of movie that is good for multiple viewings. Even though i've only seen it once, im sure you would pick up more bits and pieces form watching it a second time around. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys physchological thrillers that make you think. This is not for action junkies that can't enjoy a movie unless it layed out in front of them.

Reviewed by michael7252003 6 / 10 / 10

First Snow interesting, but somewhat disappointing

I found First Snow to be a disappointing film. I saw a few trailers for the movie and perhaps I was anticipating something far greater than the end result. I'm not saying the movies plot wasn't interesting. It did holdmy attention; It had great scenes and the whole concept of a person knowing he was going to die at a certain time is a suspenseful way to deliver a story. I think maybe it could have been told differently. It started off with a guy (a real hustler) stranded in a New Mexico service station waiting for his car to be fixed. He accidentally (or was it fate) stumbled upon a fortune teller who told him bad things were going to happen to him. The main character (Guy Pearce) laughed it off, but then a few of his other predictions that seemed way out there came true. This caused a lot of upset and for the next few weeks of the story, Guy Pearce slowly unraveled. It finally came to light (after another visit to the fortune teller) that he would meet his tragic end upon the "First Snow". Hence, the name. The remainder of the movie became a pathetic attempt for him to find out why he was going to die, including becoming suspicious of a life long friend that he betrayed, who had just recently gotten out of prison.

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