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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markapitchford 3 / 10 / 10

Reality show, not sports show

They didn't even tell you what each workout was, much less show any of it (the work, effects, drama within the event etc). It was just the banter behind the scenes. The older Crossfit shows are much better.

Reviewed by digitalbeachbum 1 / 10 / 10

An advertisement, not a documentary

This is not a documentary. It's an hour long advertisement for CROSSFIT and it stinks to high heaven. I watched the first few minutes thinking that it would be something like The Barkley Marathon which is a continuous 100 mile marathon through some of the roughest backwater wooded mountains of Tennessee, which by the way only 14 people have ever completed since it started in 1986. So what about this Dubai stuff? This boring production isn't worth my time. It's a promotional tool for somebody who wants to get more people to enter because they have not been getting good turn-outs in recent years. I found the few people they interviewed staged and coached. Product placement seems to be important too, but I guess that is why there are all those sponsors at the end in the credits. No thanks. Go away now.

Reviewed by pronto1966 1 / 10 / 10

advertorial not a competition

The first 20 minutes looks more like a travel advertisement for Dubai, they hardly even show the competition. Just interviewing the athletes and organizers, then showing the scenery. A few short clips showing the competition. They never show one event from start to finish, just a few tiny clips. The rest of the show, more interviews with athletes and organizers, tons of time showing them warming up, getting interviewed between events. A few short clips, 4 or 5 seconds, of them competing, interspersed with interviews with the athletes repeatedly telling how hard the event was. Then another quick look at the leaderboard before going back behind the scenes with interviews with athletes. Athletes lying on the floor, athletes eating, athletes riding in cars, all talking about how hard each event they did, (the events they don't show us). Clips of them training the prior year. A few more shots of the city night skyline. More interviews with the event organizers. Rinse and repeat. Then the que the sad music and sad interview the athlete who had to withdraw from injury. This is not a competition. It's just all over the place, but definitely not a competition. Don't waste your time.

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