Five Fingers

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January 12, 2021


Colm Meaney as Detective
Gina Torres as Self - Presenter
Laurence Fishburne as Goldenrod
Ryan Phillippe as Jack Yorke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silvamaize1000 9 / 10 / 10

Great suspense, and realistic portrayal of how torture is used.

I came to this movie not knowing much about the plot apart from the basic tag line. What a surprise then that this movie has turned out to be such an informative and very realistic exposition of how the use of terror and torture is utilised in todays world. Fishburne and Phillipe as the two main characters locked in a battle of mind and will power turn in an excellent performance, as do the supporting characters. The story starts swiftly and almost from the beginning the tension is notched up, and with each twist and turn the movie continues to question who really is the good guy in all of this, if indeed there could be one. In fact this movie, if watched with an open mind can dispel so many stereotypical views about Muslims, the war on terror and what governments and organisations are doing in its name. At the very least its a great social commentary and talking point on the use of rendition and torture and its lack of moral standing in a so called civilised world. In closing, one can say that the movie literally sucks the viewer in to the drama and never lets go until the credits are rolling. By this time you are bound to be left with very interesting questions, the answers for which are quite literally open ended. Even with all the tension created this movie never loses sight of the political commentary and therefore makes this a thinking persons Hostel or Saw. Well worth watching!

Reviewed by samoppenheim 9 / 10 / 10

Good Psychological Thriller!

Despite Ryan Phillipe's awful accent (as Martijn), the movie does a good job pulling you into the world they create. It is, as advertised, a "psychological thriller" and a bit of a mystery as you watch it unfold and slowly flashbacks illuminate the present situation. Laurence Fishburne is EXCELLENT and makes the movie. Phillipe does a good job and although other characters play pivotal roles, it is really about the two of them. Most of the film is shot in the same location, but it never gets boring or drags and keeps a lot of tension in most of the scenes. A real psychological treat if you just enjoy it! Not the best movie, but certainly a solid piece of entertainment that gets you to look at things from a slightly different perspective than most treatments of the subject of 'terrorism'.

Reviewed by paris_whitney_hilton_nyc 9 / 10 / 10

THAT'S HOT ! i highly recommend this movie .

i missed the first 15 minutes first time i saw five fingers on cable . i thought it would be just another dumb action, terrorist movie with a typical ending . wow, was i wrong ! five fingers is a truly psychological thriller with a Hitchcock like ending . being only 87 minutes long, it shifts into high gear very quickly . it could have been a stage play because not many scene changes nor many characters to deal with here . Laurence Fishburne gives a truly memorable, award winning performance as Ahmad, the muslin kidnapper . the ending caught me totally by surprise . so much that i ran out to buy the DVD . i watched it a few times because i missed some important details the second time around . i am sorry i did not get to enjoy this movie in the theatre . it was one of the best movies i have seen during the past few years . most films i see are forgotten as soon as they roll the credits at the end . five fingers had me thinking about it for a long time . see it you won't be sorry !

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