FLCL Progressive

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Cassandra Morris as Sayaka Natori
Kari Wahlgren as Saber
Patrick Seitz as Don Underwear
Yuri Lowenthal as Scarface / Japanese Biker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Duranium 1 / 10 / 10

How not to make a sequel to a timeless classic

This show is very mediocre. The first FLCL is in my top favorite cartoons ever made list. It was simple, yet manic with well developed characters and an overarching story told subtly here and there with fluid animation and the soundtrack composed by the Pillows. A space opera mixed with a growing up story. It is a masterpiece. By contrast, this sequel has dull and undeveloped characters with needless focus on side characters who are more interesting than the main characters, stiff and boring animation found in many generic cartoons, the Pillows soundtrack used sparingly instead of often, everything is told with little to nothing shown along with info dumps regarding Medical Mechanica and Atomsk with entire scenes explaining the backstory as though this was an audio book and not a cartoon, and is an overall disappointing sequel to a great cartoon from nearly 20 years prior. Even the return of Haruko fails to bring this series to life. Most of the problems with Progressive I blame on hiring new directors, animators, and story writers instead of bringing back the old staff. These new people, from what I've observed and with the exception of one guy who worked on One-Punch Man, never worked on major projects before whereas the staff from the original series had extensive experience, esp. on cartoons such as Neon Genesis Evangelion. Overall, this series feels like a cash-grab or, assuming Production I. G.'s intentions were truly benign, a misguided attempt at recreating FLCL without fully understanding what made that original series work. I doubt that the next FLCL series, Alternative, will be any better.

Reviewed by mikedegroot 3 / 10 / 10

I really wanted this show to be good. It's not.

My first reaction when I heard that they were bringing FLCL back was one of excitement, which quickly gave way to fear. It turned out to be exactly what I was worried about. It's really difficult not to compare it to the original. It is a sequel nonetheless. In reality, there is no comparison. The original was incredibly unique, emotional, character-driven, well thought out, and had an amazing soundtrack. Progressive is none of those. It is very generic, bland, and lacking any kind of interesting characters or development. While The Pillows are back to provide most of the soundtrack, it is mostly reused from the original and their new tracks lack emotion, even just as background music. The animation quality is pretty low and varies drastically from episode to episode. The voice acting is seriously lacking, but it's hard to tell if it's the acting or the crappy script. The story is confusing and boring at best. Much of this stems from the poor character development which is virtually nonexistent. I had absolutely zero emotional attachment to any of them and still do not understand what their motivations were at all. It is clear that FLCL was meant to start and stop at a certain place for a reason. It was planned from the start to be a 6 episode mini-series. Progressive is only non-canonical filler and it feels just like that. It is virtually impossible to bring back this kind of show almost 20 years later and try to capture that same lightning in a bottle. For many people, the original series is up there with some of the best anime and they truly have fond memories of watching it for the first time. Progressive only cheapens that. Honestly, I think if the next installment, Alternative, wasn't already made, it would have been cancelled after how seeing how bad Progressive turned out. Overall it is not the worst thing that I've ever seen, but it is most definitely on my list of most disappointing sequels and things that should never have been made. Completely unmemorable and forgettable.

Reviewed by bucketsofrandomness 3 / 10 / 10

A really, REALLY big letdown...

Compared to the original, the animation is incredibly disappointing, and in all honesty... every episode just feels like pedo bait on top of some more pedo bait... so in a nutshell, FLCL: Progressive is just your average, mediocre, completely forgettable anime series, just with a bunch of the original series' weirdness thrown into the mix), which FLCL really didn't deserve to turn into. (On the bright side, at least The Pillows don't disappoint - the ending sequence is really rad.)

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