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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lasserman 9 / 10 / 10

Drama about drinking and harsh life

For its budget the film is good. The performances are very good in the AA meetings, and are really realistic too. The overall plot, which focuses on three people who are all have problems drinking is a little slow at times. But overall, when you see the film as a whole, they make a really nice collage of stories, and the different soundtracks, and ways in which the film has been put together, is really well done and interesting. It isn't a great film, but quite good for a small budget indie, especially a non-zombie film.

Reviewed by mittiymackle / 10

Startling emotions

The film isn't the most polished on the planet - its a total indie. A very European styled one. Regardless of its almost distanced style, and low budget, there's no denying the really great effort that's been thrown into this film by the writer and cast who bring to life a handful of characters that have an achingly true story to tell. Some of the real strong stand out roles include Eric Richard, Alice Pitt Carter, Yuna Shin, Matthew Hartley and Daniel Garcia's performances. Jeanette Rourke's advice sharing aunt is also a standout. These people seem far too real to be found in fiction, and are very moving. Kudos to the director who captured these personalities in such a strong light.

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