Forgotten We'll Be



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Al Pacino as Tony Montana
Dirk Bogarde as Frank Clemmons
Whit Stillman as Dr. Richard Saunders
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DogePelis2015 7 / 10 / 10

The first Colombian movie I see

It is a shocking film that portrays the reality that is lived in Colombia; the plot is decent and the acting is good; it is recommended.

Reviewed by KissEnglishPasto 6 / 10 / 10

EL OLVIDO QUE SEREMOS--My Mission in Life!

Last Week...If You had said to me: "Tony...I have never seen a Colombian Movie! Please recommend one!" "Just ONE???" I would have responded... "Sorry... But there ARE SEVERAL!" After experiencing EL OLVIDO, twice in recent days... Without flinching a microsecond, I have found my MISSION in life: Getting every human on Earth to do the same! "You are Sooooooooo INTENSE!" BOTH My only daughter AND my Colombian wife often tell me! Of course, they are right! When you feel PASSION about something...ANYTHING... You know You are STILL ALIVE! EL OLVIDO is the most intensely Colombian film I have EVER seen! Yet, simultaneously, one of the most universal and HUMAN! And You certainly don't have to have lived in Colombia for 1/2 of the 70's & 80's, as I did, to appreciate just how SPECIAL EL OLVIDO really is! University Profesor Hector Abad Gomez (Fleshed out stunningly by Spaniard Javier Camara...with an absolutely impeccable regional Colombian accent, I must add!) refuses to be labeled. Nevertheless, almost everyone on the right defines him as "Comunista!" or "Marxista!" Conversely, hardcore Leftists slur him as "Oligarca!" But Profesor Abad ostensibly is not really phased by being the object of intense hatred from both ends of the political spectrum. He forges ahead, living life one day at a time, speaking truth to power, completely intransigent in the face of ever mounting pressure to keep his outspoken opinions to himself! I am an junky! Here is my "KISS ENGLISH CHALLENGE!" Find ME ONE OTHER film with well over 1,000 votes, where LESS than 3% of viewers have Rated it 4**** STARS or LESS!!!.... Good Luck! My CHALLENGE is going to keep you very busy for quite a while! 10********** For My NEW FAVORITE SPANISH LANGUAGE FILM! ENJOY! / DISFRUTELA!

Reviewed by alejandro-bonilla 6 / 10 / 10

This film represents a reality in Latin American countries.

This film represents a reality in Latin American countries, where small elite groups manage politics and make decisions that affect many for their own benefits and economic interests, countries where a football game is promoted more than the importance of a good education, countries where few have all and most of the population nothing. Latin America has suffered since its conquest (NO DISCOVERY) in the 16th century and still continues to suffer new wounds while trying to heal the old ones. I have seen it and continue to see it in Honduras. Thank you for making this type of film, as well as "La Llorona" by Jayro Bustamante, cuz they allow these stories not to be lost as the intellectual authors of these crimes would like, they also help us to cure Latin America but do not forget. The technical aspect that I appreciated the most about the film was the black and white photography, really beautiful.

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