Four of Hearts


Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 5.1 10 1976


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luky-159-948594 5 / 10 / 10

An intimacy drought drives a conservative couple to extremes

This fast paced film gives us insight into the world of an intimacy deprived couple who go to great lengths to revive their love. With the help of others they find themselves exploring the depths of trust and the true meaning of love. I commend this movie for taking an often told tale and refocusing it in a direction where most films lack depth. Instead of playing up the obvious this film attempts to tackle the issues that come from impulsive decisions and love within boundaries. The mild and tasteful direction compliments the true intention of the story. Despite having adult situations this movie does a good job maintaining its focus.

Reviewed by nineslive / 10


I was really intrigued by this spicy tale with equally hot actors. I think it's one of those perfect weekend flicks. Four of Hearts is about a young couple looking to rekindle the flame in their marriage at the wife's insistence. I haven't really seen a story quite like this one. The couple lives in an apartment complex and another couple who they are close friends with lives on the next floor down. It gets really interesting when their well meaning friends who happen to also be their neighbors offer to help them out. Once you see the length their friends will go to in order to help them get their groove back, you're hooked. Let me just say things definitely get a little heated in more ways than one...

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