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Barry Sullivan as Prof. Dan Mallare
Edgar Buchanan as Jeff Cunningham
Glenn Ford as Cheyenne Rogers
Janis Carter as Joan Kirby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Handlinghandel 7 / 10 / 10

Nobody Ever Got The Better of Glenn Ford

I can't think of a movie in which he lost out, anyway. Here he is a drifter who falls in with a treacherous woman. Initially, he offered work by her romantic interest, the king of film noir, Barry Sullivan. Someone once asked what movie star I felt I identified with most and it was Sullivan. The guy never gave a bad performance. His girl here is played by Janis Carter. Her biography says that she was a hit in musicals on Broadway. I can see that. She has a boyishly cute look. (Ann Savage is hard to imagine in a musical. But look at Constance Towers, so fine in two Samuel Fuller movies and a Broadway darling.) Carter plays one evil woman! Wow, I would keep my distance from her! She's a waitress at a place called La Paloma when Ford meets her by she has high ambitions. Edgar Buchanan is exceptionally touching as the miner who's willing to give engineer Ford a job. We can see he's kind of a loser but he is a very decent guy. This is a tough little film. I recommend it highly.

Reviewed by bmacv 7 / 10 / 10

Neglected little gem showcases Janis Carter as femme fatale

Janis Carter boasted a largely undistinguished filmography from the 1940s but she deserved (as so many of her female peers from this era did) better parts and greater exposure. As the scheming and duplicitous Paula Craig, she personifies the cool blonde bombshell (while her line readings are a wee bit stilted, her body language is instinctive and sensational). She's the spider into whose web drifts Glenn Ford, an out-of-work mining engineer with a bit of an alcohol problem who's looking for a break. Meanwhile, Carter's on the lookout for her embezzling boyfriend's lookalike, to furnish a warm body to provide a charred corpse. This is James M. Cain territory, and, though we've been through it with Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray and with Lana Turner and John Garfield, this effort by Carter and Ford deserves more prominence; its writing, direction and cinematography are all well above average. One unique moment: a banner head in the local newspaper lets us know that one of the characters has been charged with murder, but just below it, in the mock-up, is the smaller headline "Meteorite lands near baby." I think they made that movie, too, about 10 years later.

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10 / 10

Blonde Mantrap

Framed casts Glenn Ford as the drifter with a chip on his shoulder who doesn't make a good impression on his first arrival in town. He takes a job driving a truck with faulty brakes that crashes into Edgar Buchanan's car and gets himself arrested in the process. A mysterious blond waitress played by Janis Carter pays his fine and gets him out of a 10 day jail sentence. For what she's got in mind, it would have been better if he took the 10 days. She's the tootsie on the side of Barry Sullivan the Vice President of a local bank by marrying the boss's daughter. He's embezzled a whole lot of cash and wants to run away with Carter. But Carter starts to develop ideas of her own. This starts the web of a whole lot of double crossing and dirty dealing by the feckless lovers. Framed is a nice little noir film and I love that Maltese Falcon ending.

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