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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by axapvov 7 / 10 / 10

Best Band Film since The Commitments

Ok, I admit it, I had no idea who Frank Sidebottom was until now. At first this fact kind of made me dislike the film a little bit, since what I thought original really wasn´t, but then it seems the script is based on real experience. In the end, one thing for another, inspiration can arrive from anywhere, it doesn´t really matter if the film borrows or not. It´s not supposed to have anything to do with Sidebottoms and, in any case, it´s not enough for it to be a reasonable criticism and I don´t really care for any of it. Having that little controversy out of the way, it´s got to be said, Frank does for pseudo-intelectual art pop what The Commitments did for soul or Crossroads did for blues. A mediocre kid gets inside a world he doesn´t understand and the audience probably won´t either. There is no need to explain much. The rhythm section is weird cause they´re weird, it´s not important, Maggie Gyllenhaal´s character is detestable, yes, that´s why she´s known as the crazy b**ch, and Frank wears a fake head just because. It´s all a great depiction of this kind of isolated artists who, talented or not, follow their passion with an obnoxious strictness, who don´t hold back any of their follies and emotional imbalances, who might change their minds every second and still be convinced they´re making absolute sense. These misfits exist, and the films honours all the weirdness without judging it, after all, the main character is craving to belong. Domhnall Gleeson´s stiff acting fits the plot, he´s suposed to be lame. He is in no position to ever understand the importance of creative control or edgy integrity. It might not mean anything, it might not even be there to begin with. He has no clue. All of these are complicated, unpopular matters dealt with simplicity and inteligence. More important than that, I found it hilarious right from the first scene. Frank worryingly asking before the big show "so they don´t know us and love us?" had me laughing like Muttley, for real.

Reviewed by caddainmoe 10 / 10 / 10

Unique and Entertaining

Frank is a quirky, thrilling, and extremely entertaining film about an underground musician with a huge fake head and his band's mission of making an album, which is led astray by a newcomer. With its incredible soundtrack and stellar performances from Michael Fassbender, Domhnall Gleeson, and others, it's truly worth watching. Lenny Abrahamson does a great job of blending the music the bands play into the soundtrack for the whole film. This blending of diagetic and nondiagetic sound gives the film a charming quality and leads you to be more engrossed in it. Not only the band's music, but the dynamic of the band itself is gripping the whole way through. Although it's hard to pick a favorite, Fassbender's performance as Frank is concrete and strange in the best way. Pair this with the insecure qualities of Domhnall Gleeson as Jon and you have a great dynamic of friendliness, frustration, and even manipulation. After many watches, this movie remains truly impressive and worth watching more. With that said, some of the second half of the movie doesn't end up being as surreal and entertaining as the rest. Maybe it's a needed rest in the time line of the movie, but after each watch, this segment just doesn't remain as attention grabbing as the rest. That's only a minor gripe though, as I personally am a huge fan of this film. Overall, with a great story, acting, soundtrack, and more, Frank is a unique and excellent movie that I would recommend anybody to watch.

Reviewed by Right BehindYou 10 / 10 / 10


You remember when all those people were reported to have depressive episodes after seeing 'Avatar' because they wanted to live in that alien world? Well I need a support group for people that got that way after watching 'Frank'. I'm really upset this isn't a real band, and you can't imagine how blown away I was to learn that the actors legit created and performed this music. I have this longing that I known can' fulfilled. Like...I'd love a sequel...but the story is so solid and complete as it is. I highly recommend this for anyone who desires something different. Touching and different. Pure outsider art. <3 <3

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