Frankenstein 90


Comedy / Horror

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Jean Rochefort as L'abbé Dubois
Marc Lavoine as Le jeune humanoïde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

A very cute, funny and charming French comedy version of "Frankenstein"

Brilliant cybernetics expert Victor Frankenstein (an extremely able and affable performance by Jean Rochefort) fulfills his infamous family heritage by creating Frank (an endearingly oafish portrayal by 60's French pop singer Eddy Mitchell), a cultured, but clumsy and super strong humanoid being. Victor teaches Frank proper table manners and how to drive a car. But poor Frank feels lonely and unloved. So Victor and his patient, supportive and understanding fiancé Elisabeth (marvelously played by the strikingly lovely and appealing brunette beauty Fiona Gelin) decide to make Frank a perfect female companion named Adelaide (delectably embodied by stunningly gorgeous knockout Herma Voss). Director Alain Jessua, who also co-wrote the delightfully witty and lighthearted script, concocts an extremely cute, funny and engaging modern-day comic version of "Frankenstein" that blends a certain tasty sweetness and plenty of often uproarious quirky humor together in a highly disarming way that's a true joy to watch. Armando Trovajoli's classy, graceful score, William Lubtchansky's crisp, handsome cinematography, and the infectiously frothy'n'frivolous tone further enhance the considerable idiosyncratic charm of this utterly irresistible little treat.

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 2 / 10 / 10

Frankenstein 0

Alain Jessua took a wrong turn from this movie onwards.All he did before was perfectly acceptable ("Les Chiens" "Armaguedon" and even highly commendable ("Traitement de Choc" ) Alain Jessua is one of of the rare French directors who has broached the fantasy and horror genre.In "Traitement de Choc" he tackled the absorbing subject of the fountain of youth :as it happens, the migrant workers used as "material" to rejuvenate the wealthy bourgeois ;there was something of Mary Shelley there;then in his overlooked 1981 "Le Paradis Pour Tous" ,a shrink sold a treatment-to-be-happy to his patient ,no matter if they lost their personality in the process ;this time again,Jessua showed that Man must not change Man as God or the Big Bang made him. All that just shows how Jessua was the ideal French director to update the myth of Frankenstein.So it may have been,but if so it signally fails in his purpose .Perhaps Jessua's worst film ,this "90" version (what a stupid title!)cheapens Shelley's work with a screenplay which is a real hodgepodge that's completely unwatchable next to the director's best works.By and large , Jean Rochefort is a very reliable actor,but he is inefficient here.But if he is bad ,pop singer Eddy Mitchell is worse ,which tends to prove that singers are rarely good actors (with notable exceptions of course :Frank Sinatra;Charles Aznavour): his performance as the creature is a disaster ,but he is not the sole responsible : it's an absurd thing to make the creature speak as you and me ,to take "it" to the pictures to watch Whale's "Frankenstein" .At least ,for a very short while ,while these black and white pictures from 1931 are on the screen ,we are back in the world of true cinema.

Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 2 / 10 / 10


When you consider Frankenstein 90 against Frankenstein 70, Joe D'Amato's Frankenstein 2000 and the deranged Frankenstein 80, it comes up very, very short. Directed, written and produced by Alain Jessua, this film stars French singer and actor Eddy Mitchell as the monster. I'm struggling to say something nice about this movie and then I read that the effects were by Reiko Kruk and Dominique Colladant, who did the makeup for Herzog's Nosferantu and Just Jaeckin's Gwendoline and now I'm thinking how much I'd rather watch those movies. The mad scientist's wife leaves him from the monster while he falls for the bride, but you know, if you want to make a comedy of Shelley's story, you have the high bar of Young Frankenstein to vault over, you know? It also has the horrible notion that the suave and sophisticated new Frankenstein's monster can assault a woman and she falls in love with him, which made me not want to watch this much longer and I'm doing an entire month f Jess Franco, so just imagine.

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