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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kumarvarun1989 5 / 10 / 10

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a delight in this silly film

The first thing that strikes you when Freaky Ali begins is what an odd- bod collective this enterprise appears to be: to have Nawazuddin Siddiqui play the lead is a masterstroke, but to have Seema Biswas play his mother? Like, really? This apparent randomness wouldn't have been such a deterrent if the plot had some meat to it because Nawaz is quite capable of carrying a film on his own. But within a few minutes, we know that it is a David-Goliath clash between a 'sadak-chaap' fellow and a suited-booted character. The novelty of it being played out on a golf course dissipates in a few rounds, and it becomes the usual 'tamasha' between goons and good 'uns, and haves and have-nots, its good-natured daftness drowning in silliness. There's a 'message' that's dinned in to us via Nawaz's 'ordinary' man. That no one, even a guy who hawks undergarments at a road-side stall, is worthy of contempt. That golf may be seen as a sport for the wealthy, but there's no stopping anyone from becoming a champion. All you need is skill. And will. The poor vs rich clash is set up for laughs, and we are amused to begin with, but then the amusement dries up.The one person who keeps us watching is Nawaz, who busily shakes a leg and romances a pretty girl (Amy The one person who keeps us watching is Nawaz, who busily shakes a leg and romances a pretty girl (Amy Jackson), when he is not sinking a hole- in-one much to the consternation of his wealthy rival (Jas Arora). His connect with the audience is instant, and he keeps it going with wry one-liners which he delivers with consummate ease. It's also nice to see him in a light-hearted role : except perhaps for his blundering TV reporter in Bajrangi Bhaijaan, who is a hoot, he has been condemned to dark, twisted turns in dark, twisted flicks. In addition, to see him command the screen in a solo turn is a delight : he is our first true subaltern 'hero' who has moved from the fringes to claim the centre.

Reviewed by jkt2006 5 / 10 / 10

Could have been an awesome story

Sohail khan, the director has wasted the entire effort in a movie which could have turned into a great movie. The movie began with a great promise, but after the first half moves so pathetically towards an unbelievable run of the mill, rather worse than it climax and ending. Why would you believe in praying for him to win when the main character's hand is broken before the final match, than focusing on getting him to practice etc. His personal know how and understanding of the game is undermined with the prayer song. Also, a great actor like Seema Biswas is totally wasted in the mother's role with hardly anything to do. Sohail Khan and his brigade of brothers are better off making the kind of crappy stuff they usually churn out. They should stick to their usual formulas rather than raise hopes with a new kind of story line and with a brilliant actor like Nawazuddin who has been wasted too.

Reviewed by pritsadude 5 / 10 / 10


Spoilers.... The movie centers ali(nawaz)who has a great potential of playing golf thru which he aspires to make his moms life easy and happy by eradicating all the problems they are facing..lots pf ups and down thru his golf career..(SPOILERS)BUT with the virtue bollywood movie nawaz becomes the champ by beating the champ.. Nawaz was a gem in the movie with his no genre of movies is a question for Nawaz... The directions as been expected from the khans was not justified ,with the kind of expectations the masses had after the trailer a nutshell this flick had a grt potential but it coudnt execute way it needed to *I have now started finding better movies through It not only suggests great movies to watch, it also tells where you can watch the movie online.. Highly recommended.*

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