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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tommey91 7 / 10 / 10

Shaun of the Dead - But with Time Travel

Okay, so the acting isn't the best. Neither are the special effects. Despite this, I've been thoroughly entertained and captivated for the entirety of the last 80 minutes by an excellent plot that keeps you on your toes, genuinely excellent humour and enough confusion to keep you thinking but not to frustrate. Unexpected twists are everywhere, but the great thing about them is that they all make sense when the movie is over, which is something some of the more recent Hollywood Sci-Fi's could take note of. It's actually a shame that one of the independent distributors with a bit more cash to burn didn't get hold of the script, I honestly think this could have been a box-office success with the right marketing. This won't be winning any Oscars in the near future, but let's be honest; who gives a damn?

Reviewed by megaloni 8 / 10 / 10

funny ,clever movie...keeps you on your toes...

An enjoyable funny film with a well written story and several surprises which made one or two of the audience in front of me sit bolt upright. The plot is well written with considerable imagination.. and whilst the clever ones amongst you will guess what is coming next , there are a few scenes which caught my audience 'off guard'and made them jump ! I do not want to give the game away, but there are good 'time travel' loops which will amuse those of you who are not even sci-fi lovers. Both the females add glamour.. and whilst there are probably no 'Oscar' performances, the three guys are funny and well cast as 'ordinary blokes'some clever non hi-tech trick shots and surprises right up to the final credits !.. and listening to departing audience comments there were plenty of happy people leaving the theatre.

Reviewed by miruleyall 8 / 10 / 10

Fun, witty and original

A great little movie about the Chaos Theory. If you enjoy any SciFi (mainly DoCWho) you should give this little flick a watch if it ever pops up on your set. Acting is very solid from Dowd who carries the film perfectly, the other actors keep pretty safe but Dowd really shines, Farris is ditsy as usual but is very cute and likable as a character (and a person) still. Direction is quite minimalistic and just focuses on the chaos itself and hardly relies on modern visual effects, mainly great props and sets that set a surprisingly good atmosphere considering this is a budget movie This little movie could have a cult following if it is received well. 8/10 -2 for been too short, but at least it leaves the possibly open for a sequel :)

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