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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaailauren 1 / 10 / 10

Déjà vu

I feel like I've watched this movie before.Same storyline

Reviewed by plasssaskia 3 / 10 / 10

Very Predictable

Okay I know movie was predictable but damn they did not want to spend a lot on this movie. For example when Maria was killed you didnt see that, just saw that someone followed her and her body was found in the office. in the middle of the movie you can tell who the bad guy was. The acting was not that great. the last scene with the fighting and Rayna getting jump you can tell it was fake. Lastly how was Malik able to put down his phone, and start recording without anyone seeing it? why did rayna run during Malik and Garett struggle instead of helping him. A lot of things made no sense. Also how the wife was such a good chef but during the whole movie you didnt see one dish from her?

Reviewed by Dooptastic 3 / 10 / 10

A 'straight-to-DVD' kind of affair...

Not great...and nowhere near deserving of the 10/10 some people are giving it, but also not so bad that it's unwatchable. It's something you have on in the background, while checking your social media. This story has been done so many times before. This interpretation brings nothing new or original to the mix. Decent acting from the main 3 characters...the rest of the cast suck! I don't have the energy to leave a detailed review, so I'll leave you with this: Malik is supposed to be the best attorney in the state, bringing down the biggest drugs criminal in Chicago, but couldn't even join the dots that 'GDW' were his BEST FRIEND'S initials! Also, you have to laugh at the fact that in one scene Malik is standing in front of a photo of himself wearing the exact same clothes! Don't expect anything amazing...

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