From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years!



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by warfado 10 / 10 / 10

One word: Excellent !

What can you say about this sequel to From Bedrooms to Billions? Really a must see to all those like me, lived the best video game era you can be part of, that is the birth of the UK computer and computer games history. Anthony and Nicola had already hit perfection on the first film who was centered a little bit more on the 8-bit gen UK computer scene, in the likes of the Sir Clive Sinclair's Speccy, Alan Sugar's CPC and Jack Tramiel's C64 and BBC's micro. Although that first movie only scratched the surface of the 16-bits ATARI ST and Amiga, the latter one is on the leading role to this second movie. These had to be for sure, one of the best "2 hours and a half" of me life, watching this movie brought me so joy and it really makes you feel happy you were there in the first place. Now you're in the first seat revisiting all those good vibes with pack full of interviews from passionate interviewers to love crazy interviewees. These genius and sometimes ingenious minds who pursuit a dream with all its ups and downs, but that ultimately lead to the creation of the Amiga 1000. On top of all that, we're flooded with great footage of that time, who doesn't love to watch those old Amiga commercials and also great music, screenshots and game play of some of your favorite games. To wrap it up! AWESOME once again. And I can't wait for the Playstation one, because the Caulfield stamp stands for best quality. Cheers, Pedro Gonçalves

Reviewed by lifeschool389107 8 / 10 / 10

An Unparallelled Amiga Nostalgia Tribute

From and makers of the incredible From Bedrooms To Billions, here is the aspired sequel - The Amiga Years! - featuring the story of a very beloved computer, the Commodore Amiga. As a die-hard Amiga fan, it would have to take special for me to give this a high rating, and this product delivers. The Movie is a little less packed than From Bedrooms, a little slower in pace, so that people who have never heard of The Amiga will be able to enjoy this and find out that the computer is all about. Great detail has been taken to get the facts straight, and to interview the people who made it all happen, conducting 100s of interviews and flying all over the world, translating nuggets of Gold for us all to enjoy. The story of The Amiga may be too vast and way too epic a story to be able to cover in a few hours, but the Gracious team have done an amazing job once again to condense volumes of stories down to very easy bite (byte?) sized pieces. From the story of the designing stage, through all the years of success in fields such as Games, Multimedia, Image Processing, Video Processing and Music production, and the constant reinvention of the Amiga and its fight for survival in the modern world. The Amiga will always be special to those who get to know the machine, and this Movie aims to be less UK focused than From Bedrooms, to bring you stories and tributes to the Amiga legacy, from fans everywhere, and from the people behind the scenes. Of all the clips and reviews and movies I have seen in the subject of The Amiga, this one covers the subject with the most love and dedication, and I came away feeling almost as much gushing nostalgia as the From Bedrooms To Billions Movie. The makers don't try to top the original From Bedrooms and make it even fast and more packed, instead they tried to make the very best film they could make, from all sides, and I must say after a while to digest this film, I feel this is genuinely the BEST Amiga Movie on the market today.

Reviewed by pbpbcanonfreak 8 / 10 / 10

Superb documentary

This very well planned and produced documentary on how the British computer games industry took off and eventually faded ticks every box in nostalgic and informative terms and it's parade of interviewees provide endlessly fascinating insight and stories throughout. Just great. Watch it.

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