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Joe Pantoliano as Cab Driver
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richard-1787 3 / 10 / 10

A series of clichés about Italy interspersed with an occasional good idea

Imagine someone settling down for a long winter's evening with a jug of Gallo wine. He watches - because he's with his significant other - the Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe movie *A Good Year* on cable. (She wanted it. No guy would actually choose to watch that movie.) At some point, it is interrupted by some of the old Gallo wine commercials from the 1960s that used to show idealized Italian weddings at which there was much laughter and much wine served. From such an evening must have been born the cliche-ridden script for this movie. The problem, of course, is that we don't have Russell Crowe here in front of the camera, or Ridley Scott behind it. And the script is often awful. This movie really has nothing to recommend it. Even the shots of the countryside, which were among the best things in A Good Year, are unremarkable here. It sounds like a good idea, but it isn't. Skip it.

Reviewed by brgordon-41648 9 / 10 / 10

From The Vine brings heart, warmth and a sense of hope to a world that is in much need of it

For a person like me who typically doesn't watch films such as this, I was completely amazed at how much From The Vine affected me in a positive way. I watched this film knowing only that it was related to wine and it was set in Italy. As I was watching, I quickly found out that its not only about wine and the beauty of Italy, its about finding your true self, the importance of family and that having money and success isn't the most important thing in life, leaving you to appreciate what you have and who you have around you. Through the great storyline, the perfectly timed comedic elements, the beautiful cinematography, the wonderful direction and the amazing performances from Joe Pantoliano, Marco Leonardi, Paula Brancati, Wendy Crewson and so many other amazing actors in the film, From The Vine draws you in right away and takes you on a beautiful journey that will leave you smiling by the end credits.

Reviewed by augustynowiczsk 9 / 10 / 10

Exactly What I Needed Right Now

I watched this film with my mom and we both really enjoyed, which is impressive in its own way since its hard for us to find a film we both love. The narrative was relatable, cohesive and with just the right amount of romantic flair. Some of the shots in the film were so aesthetically beautiful, it made me wish I could be there in person. Wendy Crewson and Paula Brancati gave great performances as well, bringing a lot of depth to their characters and played well off one another in their shared scenes. Aside from the beautiful script and breathtaking cinematography, the film taught me things about Acerenza and the wine-making process that wouldn't of even crossed my mind (i.e the candle in the cellar). It's almost like a small documentary was tucked into the film, and I can appreciate when a film has so many layers to it. The best part of the film for me was that it was so relatable. In today's world where our work lives have been disrupted by current events... It was nice to watch a film that told you "It's okay to start over. Work and money isn't all that life has to offer.".. which is a really beautiful kind of message that people, myself included, need right now. It's just such a feel good film.

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