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Reviewed by augustian 8 / 10 / 10

One of Franco's better films

This film is based on the writings of Marquis de Sade, a writer who would be visited several times by Jess Franco. Alice Arno plays Martine de Bressac, a countess who has spent some time in a mental institution but has now been released into the care of her opportunistic husband, Charles. Almost at once, they revert to their old ways, kidnapping and torturing a would-be model. For their next sadistic game, Charles suggests seducing Cecile, (Tania Busselier) the virginal daughter of a couple living across from their apartment. Everything goes according to plan but like any good thriller, there is a cunning twist. Jess Franco captures perfectly the increasing sexual excitement of the two plotters as their plan comes to fruition, utilising their mute maid, Adele (Lina Romay). One scene shows Martine being fondled by Charles as they spy on Cecile writhing on her bed until Martine and Charles call upon Adele to join them in their ecstasy. There was a bit too much time showing Cecile but then this is probably what Franco does at his perverted best. Everyone seems to be in on the countess's sadistic perversions. Only the diminutive gardener, another fine casting by Franco, shows any sign of humanity, but even he has his demons. This film could have been made by Hammer, but Jess Franco takes it to a new level.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison / 10

Fairly typical Franco sleaze.

I searched for Plaisir à trois purely so that I could tick it off in my copy of The Aurum Encyclopedia of Horror, but all I could find was a French version of the film with no subtitles. Still, this being a typically trashy Jess Franco sadean sleaze-fest - 99% nudity and sex and 1% plot - it was easy to get the general gist of things. Alice Arno plays Countess Martine de Bressac, who returns home after spending a year receiving psychiatric treatment for castrating one of her lovers. It's not long before Martine is back to her old ways, adding new exhibits to her torture dungeon: prostitutes that she and her husband Charles (Robert Woods) paralyse and subsequently display as human trophies. After spying on their sexy neighbour Cécile (Tania Busselier), Martine and Charles lure the young woman into their world of perversion. Here's a catalogue of the sleaze on offer... With the help of her manservant Mathias (Franco regular Howard Vernon), Martine picks up a hooker, draws her naked, then takes her to her dungeon to flog her. Cécile rolls around sexily on her bed while Martine and Charles get fruity with each other (this happens twice). The countess flogs mute sex-slave Adèle (Franco muse Lina Romay). Martine shares a bath with Cécile. The characters play a game where each must perform a sexy act: the countess does a striptease, Adèle makes out with a mannequin, Cécile has a lesbian romp with Adèle, and Charles humps Cécile (a scene that verges on hardcore). The film ends with Charles, Martine and Adèle taking Cécile to the dungeon, where the tables are turned on the countess: instead of adding Cécile to her collection, Martine finds herself being administered with the paralysing injection instead. With a notable lack of underwear, loads of full frontal female nudity, a hunchbacked dwarf, crash zooms aplenty, a jazzy lounge soundtrack, and some really bold fashion choices from Charles (purple suede suit with yellow shirt, and a two piece that looks like it's made from floral upholstery material), this is bound to please avid Franco fans but will probably bore most people silly. As for it being horror... I really don't think so. 3.5/10, rounded up to 4 for IMDb.

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