Gabbar is Back


Action / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.1 10 22,242


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November 13, 2020


Akshay Kumar as Havildar Ishar Singh
Kareena Kapoor as Deepti Batra
Shruti Haasan as Ranjana Shetty
Sunil Grover as Vilayti Khan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR_Heraclius 6 / 10 / 10

Not impressed

Movie is too much overdone. Misplaced comedy mars the seriousness. They could have made the movie in a much serious and darker note.

Reviewed by gurmeet2970 9 / 10 / 10

Awesome Entertainer with a very strong message..... Akshay Kumar as GABBAR Rocks

The best movie of the year after BABY Fabulous performances, awesome dialogues, & good music. Its a complete entertainer with a very strong message. Akshay Kumar has again proved that he is the most versatile actor of the last 2 decades. Interval & Climax scenes are one of the best ever. Akshay Kumar is in top form & gives a memorable power packed performance, Shruti is good too, Sunil Grover surprises with a superb act, Jaideep & Suman has done a great job in their roles. Direction by Krish is very good, he has shown Akshay Kumar as GABBAR in the best way. And special credit for the Stunt Director Stunt Shiva for his amazing work in Action. The Action is so real that u can feel the punches & kicks & Akshay Kumar have performed the Action scenes effortlessly at this age. So, if you are a fan of good cinema then This GABBAR will make you Happy with his take on corruption. MAIN HOON GABBAR

Reviewed by anikanigam 9 / 10 / 10

Very good movie which will make you think..every youth should watch it.Its what we need to think , its what we need to watch present scenario.

This movie will give you something to think upon..which young generation need to actually , we can't just ignore corruption.To stop it , we need to fight it not ignore it.Kinda ...exciting movie . Overall everybody's acting was good .Songs not so nice , but since that's not a love story so songs doesn't matter much. There is a scene where an auto wala returning change to Shruti telling ..there is no need for extra money since ..nobody is asking for extra money i.e bribe..Best line was that I guess in the complete movie. It gives a glance of the perfect society, if corruption stops.As a whole I liked it and would suggest you all to watch it.

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