Game of Thrones: The Last Watch



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December 26, 2019



Lena Headey as Sylvia Weld
Peter Dinklage as Joseph
Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ktankovich 10 / 10 / 10

How is anyone rating this anything below a 10

We all knew the amount of work that went into this show, but wow this really put it into perspective. Very cool seeing how everything is made and seeing the actors reactions to finding out what happens and their last days. Don't rate this low just because you didn't like the last season. You people suck

Reviewed by ozgungunduz 3 / 10 / 10

Good doc

I loved that the doc wasn't focused on the actors, D&D and other people we used to see in Game Revealed series but it was mainly focused on the people who really make the show. For a documentary film aspect, I don't think it was edited well. But as a fan of the show, it was great seeing the amount work everyone put into this show. The last season was dissapointing but I still respect people who put their best into this season. Writers sucked but the quality of esthetics, details, the set, decor, make up, costume... I think they all deserve the best awards. Thank you again!

Reviewed by august-eighty 3 / 10 / 10

Does HBO not give them access to anything? Very dull / uninteresting doc.

Whole documentary feels like some fans on set trying to interview whomever they can. No real story being told, not photographed well, weird use of music, quite dull pacing. I believe these guys said they had a year to shoot this - a doc on the final season of the biggest TV show in the history of the television, and it's possibly the dullest behind the scenes documentary I've ever seen. Die hard fans will probably like it, but this is really not very well made. Hopefully they shot more behind the scenes stuff (perhaps a different crew?) - cause it's a shame if this is it.

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