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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Coventry 7 / 10 / 10

Home Alone, the messed-up French edition!

Another Christmas, another Christmas-themed horror movie! For as long as I can remember, I have this silly but firm tradition to watch at least one holiday horror movie on Christmas day. This naturally also means that all the obvious classics, like "Black Christmas" or the entire "Silent Night Deadly Night" series, have passed the revue already and each year it's more and more challenging to find a new title. That's why, this year, I was rejoiced to have stumbled upon "36.15 Code Père Noël". It's been on my must-see list for ages and it also turned out to be the most pleasant Christmas-horror surprise in many years! "36.15 Code Père Noël", which sounds so much cooler than the international title "Game Over", is one seriously bonkers and messed up action/thriller, but simultaneously also a 100% original, imaginative and non-stop exhilarating joyride! It's like a demented mixture of "Die Hard", "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Rambo", "Silent Night, Deadly Night" and - of course - "Home Alone". Moreover, since this film was released in 1989, you can't but wonder if "Home Alone" (released in 1990) is really as original as you always assumed it was! The story introduces 9-year-old Thomas, the only son of rich and sturdy businesswoman Julie, and an exceptionally intelligent & independent kid. Only in the 80s, a weird kid with a mullet and Rambo-outfit could become a genuine hero! Thomas has secret hideouts all around the family mansion, prepares booby-traps for his dog and has installed cameras and spyware everywhere. On Christmas Eve, Thomas is home alone with his ailing grandfather, and all set for the arrival of Santa Clause. Santa is coming, though in the shape of a confused drifter, enraged because Thomas' mother fired him for being an incompetent Santa at the mall. René Manzor's screenplay terrific, and although absurd and often over-the-top, the characters are still believable. For example, despite being an extraordinary gifted child, Thomas also still remains a normal 9-year-old who stubbornly wants to believe that Santa Clause exists and calls out to his mother when he's petrified. Patrick Floersheim gives a great performance as the bad Santa, who basically isn't evil but nevertheless dangerously disturbed. The mansion where all the action takes place is an awesome setting, the music is creepy and there are a handful of moments of authentic suspense and fright. Give this French holiday-horror gem a fair chance, and I guarantee you'll never look at "Home Alone" again without reflecting on this one!

Reviewed by jexispa 8 / 10 / 10

Home Alone meets Die Hard in a mansion during Christmas.

It's been awhile I have seen this film but from what I can remember when I saw it as a kid: I liked it. A small boy is left (with or without babysitter? I don't remember) alone at home (huge mansion) while his parents attend a dinner party on christmas eve. The boy named Thomas thinks he is safe until a burglar dressed in Santa Claus decides to drop in and do some christmas shopping. So now begins this cat & mouse game as Thomas is determined to defend himself and his home. Think more in the lines of "Rambo kid Home Alone without that Culkin brat". Good film from what I can remember and I'm still trying to find a copy of this french film. Perhaps I liked it because I was about the same age as the hero of the film who had these self-made weapons, cool gadgets and was fighting against this psycho santa claus dressed burglar. For those who wonder what 36.15 is: it's not the code for "Pere Noel" (Santa Claus) but in France it's like a "teletext" or "internet/bbs" function back in the 80's/early 90's. Basically you type in 36.15 and then a "name/word" (e.g. 36.15 CINEMA) and you can find info. Sort of like an electronic yellow pages server.

Reviewed by UniqueParticle 8 / 10 / 10

Awesome French Christmas terror!

Really cool stylish version of a psychotic Santa hunting a kid in a mansion although the kid is more than ready for fighting back! Deadly games (AKA dial code Santa Claus) is awesome fun; glad it's on Shudder. For a French experience it's really well filmed and tense. Not really like Home Alone but I guess I see that the parents do leave the kid at home in this too.

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