Getting Even with Dad

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Emerenciano 8 / 10 / 10

Macaulay Culkin in his best

I've always thought Macaulay Culkin's performance in `Getting Even With Dad' is his best one together with `Home Alone'. It's a shame he's been out of scene in the last years, what forces us to go for his old films. Culkin's partner in the movie is Ted Danson, who again shows he can do his part in comedies, like he did in `Three Men and a Baby'. Danson's a thief who now has to deal with an unexpected problem: his ex-wife leaves their son (Culkin) with him once he hasn't looked after him for years. The boy wants some attention from his dad, so he hides the coins his father has stolen before he could use it. If the thief wants his coins back, he must give the boy some good time. My Rate 7/10

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 2 / 10 / 10

Douse it.....

Ray, an ex-con and widower, is planning a coin heist with two accomplices to help him to buy his own bakery. However, he doesn't expect his son Timmy, who was living with Ray's sister, to show up at the house right in the middle of planning. Timmy is ignored and Ray and his buddies pull off the heist. Timmy gets his father's attention by stealing the coins and hiding them. To get them back, his father must take him to a number of different places and treat him like he enjoys his presence. They grow fond of each other but Timmy won't stay with his dad unless he gives up the coins.... Culkin was getting older, so the cute thing he did in his earlier stuff was now becoming annoying, hence the reason why this bombed big time. And the fact that the film was overlong and just not very funny.. But thats not to say that it isn't watchable. Danson is great as Ray, even though you'd expect him to be in a Stallone comedy with that accent. And he does have great chemistry with the cast and especially Culkin toward the end. But it's all predictable stuff, as there are hi-jinks and pratfalls from the two bumbling sidekicks who are just interested in the coins, and these become tiresome straight away. It's one of those movies you can have on in the background and not really watch, but you can still follow the story pretty easy. Too long for kids, way too long for adults.

Reviewed by michaelRokeefe 2 / 10 / 10

Blackmail can be fun.

An estranged son(Macaulay Culkin) tries to blackmail his ex-con father(Ted Danson) into spending time with him. Danson and two cronies pull of a rare coin heist and then Culkin arrives wanting to share father and son time. The coins are used to blackmail the ponytailed Danson into pleasing the obnoxious Culkin. HOME ALONE(1990) and MY GIRL(1991)were at least worth watching. This is neither funny or interesting. Danson fares well in his arrogant way. Gleene Headly is not believable as a detective. Also in the cast are:Gailard Sartain, Saul Rubinek and Hector Elizondo. Geared for the grammar school set.

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