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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by djpaulsweed 3 / 10 / 10

A nice idea, but...

GITS is one of my favourite films, and one of the first DVD's I bought when the format was new on the scene. After watching Innocence (which looked great), I was quite ready to see something totally awesome in this update. I was wrong. As another comment said, they should have re-done the whole film, instead of a bit here and there. I couldn't enjoy the movie when it kept switching from CGI to cel-shaded animation. Also, considering this was made FOUR years after Innocence, the CGI is awful. Most of the time Motoko looks like a plastic doll. Not cool. The music and sound effects were re-done, sometimes better, most times not. In the original GITS if somebody was getting beaten up, you would hear them scream. In 2.0, a guy gets his ankle broken and doesn't even let out a whisper. Stupid. The main theme song (the choral piece) was re-recorded and it too lost a lot of impact. Don't bother with this. Just watch the original.

Reviewed by artur-artborg 5 / 10 / 10


First up, I want to make it clear that my rating goes to "Ghost in the Shell 2.0" and not the original film. The rating has nothing to do with the original storyline or old animation blablabla but only this new version, which is completely unnecessary in every imaginable way. The classic animation utilised in the original film looked amazing, and removing some of these classic masterpiece animations and intercutting them with new CGI stuff looks and feels, well, wrong. It's not BAD CGI, but unnecessary, and jarring when intercut with the older (and in my opinion superior) style. Don't watch "Ghost in the Shell 2.0". Buy the original version and enjoy that one instead.

Reviewed by tilo-probst 5 / 10 / 10

If you liked how the original GITS looks and sounds, do NOT watch

Just like other reviewers have said, I can not recommend this remake of Ghost In The Shell to people who like the visuals and the sound of the original. For me, the original GITS was near-perfect in look and feel. The color palette, visual designs, animations and sound design were all strong, hard-hitting and rough. In the 2.0 remake, the color palette was changed to a earthy, brown look that we know from so many video games and movies. Additionally the image is drowned in blur and bloom effects. Watching the movie you can clearly tell which scenes are CGI and which are hand-drawn, whereas these elements integrated well in the original. To make matters worse, many of the CGI scenes do not hold up to the original hand-drawn scenes. The jaw-dropping intro and title sequences from the original GITS are ruined for that very reason. The city has lost it's dirty, melancholy mood and is now indistinguishable from designs in other movies. A similar treatment has been given to the audio. All new sounds are toned down in impact. Vehicles, machinery and weapons now sound like plastic. The new sounds alone destroy the combat scenes beyond recognition. On the upside, the original voices and music were preserved. Why Ghost In The Shell received this treatment I can not understand. Supposedly it was to adapt GITS to the look of it's successor "Innocence" (Ghost In The Shell 2). The merits of such an undertaking can be disputed on a general level, yet GITS 2.0 is a perfect example of how not to execute such a task. Viewers should be able to recognize "Ghost In The Shell" as "Innocence"'s predecessor from the title, the story and promotional material.

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