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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alanramirez1 7 / 10 / 10

"Gloria" is full of glory

Not being a huge Gloria Trevi fan, although I enjoy some of her old songs, I never knew her real story. I only knew a little of her past, but this movie shows her story (I'm not saying it's a real portrayal), but from a neutral view, I enjoyed this film. If you're Mexican you must know at least who she is, or some of her songs, so when I started seeing the teaser trailer or posters at the movies I got really excited, it seemed like a great movie. And it ended up being great. "Gloria" gives us an inside scoop of how everything was for Gloria, from her rise to fame, to all the drama and complications that came along with it. Sofía Espinosa portrays Gloria perfectly, all the mannerisms, the energy, and the attitude is there; the rest of the cast does an amazing job, but Espinosa steals the show, her acting is believable and well-done. My only problem would be the length. Although it's a well-told story, the movie seems to get too long at times, I feel like this movie could have easily lasted from 90 to 100 minutes, but it wasn't a problem, even the boring scenes were good. The ending seems too rushed, but it was an OK ending. There are some songs present on the film, from "Doctor Psiquiatra" to "La Papa sin Catsup", so, if you know the lyrics, you'll be singing along. The best parts have to be the concert scenes, they are beautifully shot and they seem like they were really part of a recorded concert! Overall, I think this movie is great, not as amazing as other biographic movies from Latin singers, like Selena, but Gloria fans and the regular audiences will enjoy this movie, you will enjoy the story, you will connect with the characters and you'll be entertained from beginning to end. A great Mexican movie to start 2015 with the right foot.

Reviewed by alejandra_mf 10 / 10 / 10

It's a good biopic

For those who don't know Gloria Trevi, she's one of the most famous singers in Mexico since her debut in 1989. But this character -a kind of open-minded crazy singer-, has always been surrounded by controversy. This movie, written by a well-known Mexican journalist and writer, Sabina Berman, has two main virtues: 1. It portraits Gloria Trevi and Sergio Andrade (the two main characters) perfectly. The leading actress, Sofia Espinosa performs Trevi's songs, dances and acts just as the Gloria Trevi the audience knows. 2. It is as objective as possible. It tries to get the audience to reach their own conclusions. Writer Sabina Berman has said she took Gloria Trevi's version but also, most of the rest of the people involved versions and public facts. In the end, she wrote a story which feels authentic and portrays not only one of the most famous scandals in Mexican show-business, but also, the way television power uses some stars to their own benefit. On the other hand, it lacks some big-budget resources that could bring this movie to the next level, but besides this, it's entertaining, dramatic and well-portrayed.

Reviewed by indeoriginal 10 / 10 / 10

It was a correct and respectful representation.

I liked the film. The performance of Sofia Espinosa as Gloria Trevi and Marco Perez as Sergio Andrade were excellent!!!! Sofia Espinosa IS Gloria Trevi. The film takes an impartial treat about the controversial life of the singer. About the representation of Gloria Trevi, I think is correct.I'm not saying she's completely innocent(No one really is), but she's not that heartless monster the Mexican people think she is and I hope with this film that the people understand this. It was a good film,the script was very respectful about telling the story. I RECOMMEND THE MOVIE!!

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