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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 5 / 10 / 10

A fairly bland and average romantic comedy...

I happened to stumble upon the 1999 movie here late in 2020, and I had not even heard about the movie prior to now. I have always enjoyed watching Jennifer Tilly in movies, so of course I found the time to sit down and watch this movie from writer Charbie Dahl and director Aleta Chappelle. However, "Goosed" was not a particularly grand movie experience that I had been sorely missing out on. Turns out that writer Charbie Dahl didn't really muster to conjure up an overly entertaining story. I mean, the concept of the movie was definitely adequate, but the events that transpired throughout the course of the movie just didn't really work out all that well. The storyline ended up being somewhat flaccid and too mainstreamed. While the movie suffered from having an inadequate script and storyline, then Jennifer Tilly definitely managed to make the movie watchable with her performance, and she carried it quite the distance. In addition to the talented Jennifer Tilly then the movie had a handful of impressive names in the cast list, with the likes of Joan Rivers, Robert Klein, Damon Wayans and Thomas Haden Church to mention the most outstanding. The movie is listed as a comedy, but there was actually nothing much to make you laugh throughout the course of the entire movie. All in all, "Goosed" proved to be a mediocre movie experience, and I am rating it a flat five out of ten stars. "Goosed" is adequate enough for a single viewing, but I doubt that I will ever be returning to watch this movie a second time.

Reviewed by inkblot11 3 / 10 / 10

This goose is cooked, burned beyond recognition in the good film category

Marlene (Jennifer Tilly) is the daughter of a nouveau-riche Jewish couple (Robert Klein and Joan Rivers). Her parents are extremely critical of poor Marlene and she becomes very needy for affection. From her first baby steps into romance at a summer camp, Marlene is looking for love in all the wrong places, as it were. Her first marriage fails badly and she heads for California. Once there, a psychic tells Marlene that she will marry a doctor named Steve. Since that is the only detail provided, Marlene begins a quest to find the right physician. She even hooks up with a Steve who sings in a band called Medicine Man. This liaison results in a set of twin boys. But, alas, Marlene is jilted time and again. Will she ever be happy? Although there are a few humorous moments in the film, such as the scene where newly-wealthy Rivers tells the hired help how she wants her mansion cleaned, the whole premise of the film is pretty unsavory. It is true that women are sometimes obsessed with finding a man and that, as a consequence, kiss many a frog before finding a prince. But, it is usually not a situation that produces humor. Tilly, an Oscar winner for her divine turn in Bullets Over Broadway, is not really bad as Marline and her voice is always full of fun. But, even she can not rise above this dismal, depressing plot line about a woman's misguided search for true love. Klein and Rivers are good but their roles are relatively small and the rest of the unknown cast members are merely adequate. As for the costumes, scenery, and production values, they are decidedly average, also. If you are a fan of Tilly's, you might want to sit through the lame thing. But, in truth, unless you are a glutton for overly cooked goose, just walk away from this sad excuse for a film.

Reviewed by adrian145 3 / 10 / 10

no good, no good, no good

I was pretty excited to see a movie that had the comedic talents of Thomas Haden Church and Damon Wayans displayed right on the cover of the video box, so I rented Goosed without a second thought. Boy would I like that 3.50 back. Damon Wayans was alright, I guess, and Thomas Haden Church was WAY underused. He didn't even get a chance to start to show what a comedic genius he is. Everything else about this movie completely blew. I suppose its possible just I don't understand it because of the whole female perspective thing, if thats the case I'm glad I am a guy. I'd hate for my life to be a less-than-watchable movie.

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