Gospel of Deceit


Crime / Drama / Thriller / TV Movie

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Alexandra Paul as Winnie
Conrad Coates as Whit Colby
J.C. MacKenzie as Ted / husband
Zoie Palmer as Tracy / Luke's girlfriend
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sddavis63 5 / 10 / 10

A Really Bad Movie Turns Absolutely Hilarious At The End

What to say about this typically schlocky made for TV soap opera/movie? Most of the way through this is simply bad. I'll give Alexandra Paul (who?) credit for being a pretty sexy preacher's wife as Emily Wendell, whose husband Ted is the pastor of some large Community Church and who is so totally obsessed with his ministry that he apparently doesn't notice that he has a pretty sexy wife! Actually the best line of the movie belongs to Ted (J.C. Mackenzie - I know, another "who?") when he says to Emily "I am the church. This is just a building the Lord put me in." Speaking as a pastor myself, I howled at that one. Anyway, the movie moves along at a frenetic pace with the plot not really being very well developed, but as far as it goes, Emily falls for a young, mysterious drifter (Luke, played by Corey Sevier) who appears out of nowhere and sweeps her off her feet. The interplay between Ted, Emily and Luke makes clear that the movie is at least well named, as one lie follows another until the story is so absolutely confusing that you almost give up. Then comes the last and perhaps unintentionally hilarious scene in the church, as Emily confronts Ted about his lies in front of the congregation and a live television audience. Until then I thought this movie might get a 2 or 3, but the end is really so funny that I have to raise this to a 5.

Reviewed by wes-connors 3 / 10 / 10

Crashing God's Party

While celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary, still attractive Alexandra Paul (as Emily) notices an incredibly handsome young man is watching her outdoor party. Naturally, the solution to this problem is to invite sexy Corey Sevier (as Luke McElroy) to dinner. Although it initially startles Ms. Paul, preacher husband and aspiring televangelist J.C. MacKenzie (as Ted Wendell) hires Mr. Sevier as their handyman. Yes, he will come in handy. The muscular hunk moves onto the estate and pretends to read Shakespeare. We know who's going to copulate with Sevier when the lady of the house walks in on him shirtless. Sevier oozes sex appeal and washboard abs. Of course, this complicates Paul's "church lady" image and could ruin Mr. MacKenzie's religious career... This "Lifetime" TV movie follows the well-worn "forbidden sex" theme mixed with religion formula. "Gospel of Deceit" is an unabashed "bad boy" sex fantasy for married women, and it certainly works on that level, with Sevier effortlessly bringing home the bacon. He looks good in and out of his shirt, and even gets to show a little cheek. Paul shows her skin, too, with a psychotic nude "sheet" scene that lowers performance levels. The story is ridiculous, but director Timothy Bond and his team do move it along quickly, taking advantage of each soap opera-type development without letting anything drag it down. The silliness gets worse as the plot get so tangled it becomes laughable. Writer John Benjamin Martin was astute in having Sevier think "Hamlet" was a comedy. **** Gospel of Deceit (4/28/06) Timothy Bond ~ Alexandra Paul, J.C. MacKenzie, Corey Sevier, Zoie Palmer

Reviewed by ga-bsi 3 / 10 / 10

Double Cringe

I watched this movie last week sometime and had the biggest laugh i've had in a long while. The plot of the film is pretty dumb and convoluted in a badly crafted way. The only plus to be found anywhere in the film are Corey Savier's impressive abs. Alexandra Paul (i think that's her name) is horrendous as the preacher's wife who has a history of depression. Ted McKenzie is gross and his character's a twit on top of it all. And as if the fact that you think she's having sex with her son isn't enough, they throw in needless sax solos at every opportunity! The end and climax of this film is absolutely abysmal and also laughable. I mean who the hell wants to carry the child of a con who tried to make you think he was your son and that you were having an incestuous relationship with him!

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