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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eve44 8 / 10 / 10

I wish it was significantly longer...

Honestly, I decided to write a review to counter some of the more trivial reviews found in this thread and to try and present an objective perspective of this film. Firstly, the dialogue in this movie is typical for a movie depicting World War II Naval life and is accurate to the time period. Do not watch this film if you expect anything other than period correct Naval terminology or the constant passing of orders between the captain and the crew, as you are not going to be satisfied with this movie. Ninety percent of the dialogue in this movie relates to the business of conducting asymmetrical naval combat in a high-speed situation is way too short to have a grand introspective or extrospective expose on the psychology of warfare or one's place in the world. Sadly, the short length of this film prevents any adequate amount of time dedicated to forging interesting and dynamic characters or a complex plot with a villain that was somewhat pointless. If anything, the director should have lengthened the film to expound upon the narrative and bring our cautious, somewhat hesitant, captain to life or pick a handful of critical Sailors to develop a relationship with within 90 minute time constraint. Secondly, there are better movies or shows that depict the Battle of the Atlantic which brings me to my second point. If anything; this film should have been broken into a mini-series, like Das Boot or a full feature series like Band of Brothers or The Pacific. Had the directors decided to embark upon that route, we could have had a significantly stronger plot and been able to identify with the characters in a more empathetic way. As a former United States Navy Sailor, I felt right at home with the style, accuracy, and briskness with which the film endeavored to portray. However, I did not find myself overly attached to any of the featured characters. In fact, the film attempts to "show" us that we should feel shocked, saddened, or disheartened by the plight of these Sailors, however, without any in-depth character development, I found it difficult for me to feel any more than somewhat saddened, and by the time that I did experience this emotion, the movie moved onto another chaotic event. Reflecting upon the movie now, maybe that is the point of the plot? Maybe, the film tries to showcase that the chaos of battle does not grant us a moment of emotional expression aside from the adrenaline rush of combat or a life-threatening event. In any case, if you are looking for significant character development, and a grander view of the Battle of the Atlantic at large, this is certainly not the film for you. Lastly, I do not, in any capacity, feel like I wasted an hour and half of my life like some of the other viewers felt. For me, it was a nostalgic trip back into an old life that I long forgotten and I enjoyed every minute of this film despite its shortcomings. Has Tom Hanks done better? Certainly. Did I think he did a poor job with this film? Absolutely not. While my main complaint is that this film could have been significantly longer, I am left with a desire to want to explore more in regards to the treacherous Battle of the Atlantic and the men of all nations who participated. Overall - I was pleasantly surprised with this movie, and while I felt that this film could have been produced at its own mini-series in order to develop the plot and the characters better, I thoroughly enjoyed my time, and I am sure I will return to it again in the future. Enjoy!

Reviewed by quidam-brujah 9 / 10 / 10

All action and subtle character development

Funny... reading the other reviews is what encouraged me to write mine. Most of the low scoring reviews complain about poor character development or thin plot lines. We've had 80 years of movies giving us lots of historical detail, real or imaginary characters development and simple or convoluted plot lines from the World War II era. This movie didn't really need a lot of that to tell the story it was trying to tell. If you're paying attention, you can see the characters develop as the story is told. You can see the scared people gather their courage, the dedicated and loyal people that "take one for the team," and the dedicated captain who will change out of his service shoes bloodied from days of constant wear into the slippers that his girl friend gave him as a gift. There are plenty of movies that have tried to give you complex stories with multiple plot lines and lots of character development only to fail and perhaps try to make it up in the form of some action scenes. This movie was never about that. The action is first and foremost what drives it, and you learn about the characters through the course of the events of the action. This movie was great for Apple TV+ but, it probably would not have been as great for a theatrical release.

Reviewed by rodpevoto 9 / 10 / 10

Intense, compressed, brief...

Having served in the Cold War on both a destroyer and on a submarine, I found this story contrasting the tensions between both worlds. The action is shown from the bridge, CIC, and decks of the Greyhound, which BTW is the slang term for destroyers and those who serve on them. Hanks subtly conveys the ache of leaving a loved one behind and her presence with him during the battle. He and his crew feel the presence of the subs stalking the surface ships and the deaths of sailors both above and below the icy water. There is no perfect rendering of combat in film, but the repeated commands and protocols between naval personnel and vessels are accurate enough to convey a sense of proper urgency to the story. Compressing roughly 48 tense hours into a ~2 hour film doesn't give much time to absorb all that's happening, and that's the point. Training and subsequent reactions shape the story in the faces of the bridge crew as they watch the captain and follow his orders which he does not explain. This is about relationships between combatants, among the ships in the convoy, and between U.S. and British allies. This film, The Enemy Below, and Das Boot make a reasonable trilogy for a weekend marathon. Enjoy this story from either a technical or a relational view as you see fit.

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