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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ronnievanrijswijk 2 / 10 / 10

The scariest thing about Gosti is that i'll never get my 11 euro's back

I bought it because of the artwork on the sleeve, and the fact that i read that they tried to make a original haunted house movie. So what did i learn, don't judge a dvd on it's cover. Even if it looks great, and don't always believe what you read. Gosti bored the crap out of me, it's a mediocre horror flick with a couple of idiotic teens who are looking for a place to party. Oh no there's CGI mold growing on the wall, omg there are two ghosts that stare at me. Sorry for the sarcasm, i love horror but this whole attempt at making a haunted house film is just one big boring failure. Just skip it, go re-watch Hereditary instead.

Reviewed by s3276169 7 / 10 / 10

Lacks the hardcore scares you might expect....

"Gosti" is a Russian horror flick that's not awful but does have a very conspicuous, shortcoming. The most obvious weakness in this film, is its really not that scary. That's no small flaw in a film built firmly on the notion of frightening the audience. It lacks that sense of creeping, mounting horror and fails to balance that deficit, with jump scares. Indeed, I only jumped once in the whole film. So what you are left with is more an interesting tale of lost love and haunting, with a mildly devilish twist. Its well acted and the special effects are reasonable, if unremarkable. In summary, this is a an OK watch. Its not dull but I do suspect it will disappoint those looking for hardcore scares. 5/10.

Reviewed by mergor 7 / 10 / 10

Worth watching!

Despite the fact that this is just another teenage horror flick, I really enjoyed watching this movie. Better than most American teenage horror flicks. The story was interesting and the introduction was very well done. The house and the surroundings looked creepy. I loved the relationship between Katja and the owner of the house which was the focus of the movie. The other teenagers seemed to be more in the background. I had hoped for a different, maybe even more romantic ending. (Such as the ending in the remake of The Fog.) Katja was more mature and I could not picture her together with the unattractive teenage boy. Of course, that's my personal opinion but it did spoil the ending for me. A decent but not too scary movie for its genre without gore and nudity for those who do not appreciate scenes like that in horror movies. Give it a try.

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