Guillermo Villas: Settling the Score

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by belzilm 7 / 10 / 10

For tennis buff

This is an interesting although a bit ackward movie. Although the whole premise and most of the movie focuses on the fact that the ATP miscalculated rankings back in the 70s and that Vilas should have been #1 for 5 weeks or so we don't have any way to make up our minds as the maths are apparently very complex. However the original game footage with the likes of Connors, Anastasem Borg etc is very interesting. The movie does not address Vilas's alzheimer which is visible although not mentionned sepcifically. The contrast of trying to rewrite history while Vilas struggles with Alzheimer would have have added a human touch. The last 20 minutes of the movie are more emotional while the rest of the movie is more technical.

Reviewed by juan_moran 6 / 10 / 10

Make me cry

For me, this film is great, I hardly ever cry or score that high, but I think that in this film you see the beautiful coincidences and miracles. I also say it for my perception of life, unfortunately with other Argentine idols it did not happen to have so much strength, good ties, with good people and for me they did not live their life, nor do they live it correctly. Para mí es genial está película, no lloro casi nunca ni puntuo tan alto, pero creo que en esta película se ven las hermosas casualidades y los milagros. Lo digo también por mí percepción de la vida, lamentablemente con otros ídolos argentinos no sucedió tener tanta fuerza, buenos vínculos ,con gente buena y para mí no vivieron su vida, ni la viven correctamente.

Reviewed by hensmichr 6 / 10 / 10

You get what you sign up for.

This doc was quite interesting. I grew up with the tennis-rivalry between McEnroe, Borg and Connors. Interesting to learn about where Guillermo Vilas was in that equation. I remembered him just by his name. This film focus about the fact that Vilas possibly should have reached number 1 on the world ranking. A clever argentine journalist have done a good job here to show that the governating body of tennis made a mistake when Vilas never reached the top spot. Interesting? Well. It is what it is.

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