Guimoon: The Lightless Door



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TimelessCinema 6 / 10 / 10

Wanted to Love Guimoon, ScreenX Version is Fun

Despite the compelling ideas at play, the film falters onto a repetitive set of circumstances that play out over. Then provides a lackluster outcome from the events that happen to the characters. On the "guimoon" once per year the moon is blocked from view by a thick layer of clouds. But in the mountains, there's an urban legend where you can see the moon by using a camera while viewing it from the roof of a specific building. Many fear the building as the inhabitants were slaughtered inside and there are rumors that none can escape after entry. What then begins as a tale of demonic possession and an attempt to cleanse it soon develops into a story of a man with odd supernatural gifts entering it later on to "release" the trapped souls. While the public believes a killer slaughtered it's inhabitants, the truth is more sinister. But I don't want to spoil that here. Unfortunately, the story attempts to add in 3 young friends, takes a very strange path on why the demonic presence exists, and you have a mixed bag of a story. Aside from the story, I'm not really sure what the story was setting out to achieve. As ultimately, you don't really gain anything from the experience. In the end, it feels like a weak M. Night Shamylan film that gets lost in the twists instead of focusing more on what it started. Then providing a clear idea of what the film was trying to say (at least beyond it's circumstances). Seeing it in ScreenX was visually stunning. Enhancing the onscreen events. But that wasn't enough to lift it beyond a 6 out of 10. I'd drop this to a 5 if viewed in standard 2D.

Reviewed by bearsugar-13558 / 10

noisest movie ever

I watched it in the middle of the night with earphones.. actually, it's normal for horror films to be strong in the background music and sound, but Guimoon is reallly ASSGGRJRKDBXJSIEOXBSJS destroy my ears and eyes for the jumpscare + bgm but is pretty cool ehe.

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