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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

A rarity - a genuinely funny buddy-buddy action movie

GUNMEN is another of those buddy-buddy movies that were all the rage in the early '90s after the success of the LETHAL WEAPON films. This is probably one of the most undistinguished and easiest forgotten films of that sub-genre, but what the heck, I liked it anyway. The whole reason this movie is entertaining is solely down to the casting of Christopher Lambert and Mario Van Peebles, who have one of the best double acts I've seen in a movie. The script, by MUMMY director Stephen Sommers, wisely focuses on the natural humour between the pair and because they're having a ball, the viewer does too. The story is nothing new: the hunt for an elusive boat, which becomes ultimately pointless by the climax anyway. It's just an excuse to have Peebles and Lambert being hunted through various types of terrain and gunning down villains at every opportunity. The action isn't even particularly inspired, following the '90s template of 'blow everything up', and there's little attempt at style here. But I digress. Lambert is hilarious, the funniest I've seen him, playing a slightly unhinged criminal type whose laugh is completely infectious. He's a winner on good will alone, but Peebles rises to the challenge and equals him as the sterner one of the pair. There's a fine supporting cast, too, with most performances geared towards the comedic: Denis Leary, as an icy head honcho bad guy; Patrick Stewart, as a crippled crime boss; Kadeem Hardison as the comedy relief pilot; B-movie regular Brenda Bakke as a femme fatale. Still, in the end this film belongs to Lambert and Peebles. They have tons of good routines together, with the highlight being the 'first aid kit' trade-off towards the end. Still makes me chuckle just thinking about it.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden 4 / 10 / 10

Decent entertainment for B-action fans.

Mario Van Peebles is cast as Cole Parker, a DEA agent in Mexico, who busts kooky smuggler Dani Servigo (Christopher Lambert) out of prison. Why has he done this? Because Dani's brother Karl was an associate of drug kingpin Loomis (Patrick Stewart) who absconded with the kingpins' $400 million fortune, and he thinks that Karl may have given Dani information as to the whereabouts of the money. Cole is also on a mission to find out who killed his father. Meanwhile, Loomis has sent an even worse bad guy, hired gun Armor O'Malley (Denis Leary), after the two of them. "Gunmen" was an early screenwriting credit for future director Stephen Sommers, who went on to make big studio efforts like "Deep Rising", "The Mummy" (1999), and "The Mummy Returns". Here, you could already see that action and violence with a generous dose of humour was part of his style. The director of this one is Deran Sarafian, whose future credits include "Terminal Velocity" and lots of TV work. Deran casts his father, veteran filmmaker Richard Sarafian (best known for "Vanishing Point" himself), in a brief role as Van Peebles' superior. Mostly, this is routine stuff, albeit reasonably funny, action-packed, and very swift (it clocks in at 92 minutes). The soundtrack is enjoyable, and the flick does have a suitably gritty look going for it. It's also full of violence, but not that much actual gore. The main value lies in this cast, although Stewart doesn't get to leave much of an impression. He's been better utilized in other projects. Leary really is the main villain of the piece, and he's in fine form. The enticing Brenda Bakke is quite easy to watch as one of Leary's gang. Van Peebles is fine, but doesn't have a particularly great character to play. Lambert gets to have more fun; he always seems to be at his best when he gets to play an off the wall role. He and Van Peebles do make for an entertaining team. Kadeem Harrison has his moments as a talkative pilot, but much like Stewart, Sally Kirkland is wasted in a brief part as a gun runner. You may also recognize Robert Harper, who was crate monster fodder in "Creepshow", as a DEA agent. A handful of rap stars appear onscreen performing (Doctor Dre, Ed Lover, Eric B. & Rakim, etc.). Deran Sarafian himself has a small role as Bishop. "Gunmen" entertains adequately for action-movie fans, with some standout moments along the way, such as a recurring motif of characters being buried alive. Six out of 10.

Reviewed by poolandrews 4 / 10 / 10

Below average buddy buddy action film.

Gunmen is set in the jungles of South America where drug lord Loomis (Patrick Stewart) has hired mercenary Armor (Denis Leary) to find 400 million dollars of his stolen money, while moving the cash one of his men named Karl Servigo loaded it on a boat somewhere ready to sail off after meeting his brother Dani (Christopher Lambert). After Karl dies while being tortured by Armor the only other person who might know where the boat is happens to be Dani, however Armor isn't the only one looking for Dani as New York cop Cole Parker (Mario van Peebles) is aware of the money & breaks Dani out of prison in order to find out where the boat is. The hunt for the 400 million becomes a race against time as to who will get there first... Directed by Deran Sarafian I have to admit to being rather disappointed by this lacklustre buddy buddy action thriller that doesn't have nearly enough action or thrills. The script by Stephen Sommers (who notably later went on to direct high profile fantasy films such as The Mummy (1999), Van Helsing (2004) & G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra (2009)) is a light hearted affair with plenty of banter between the two mismatched leads who inevitably become good friends by the end & a quick succession of one-liners but I thought there was a real chemistry lacking between the two leads, maybe it was Lambert & Peebels performances or the script or the direction but I never warmed to either of them. The villain starts out as a frail Patrick Stewart in a wheelchair (practice for his role as Xavier in the X-Men films?) who is wasted in a small role before Armor decides to run the show himself, having said that Armor isn't the brightest bad guy, why did he kill Karl in the first place? Despite needing Dani & Cole alive he lets his men shoot at them constantly & why kill that woman at the end? At 90 odd minutes Gunmen moves at a decent enough pace but the action is forgettable, the character's don't click & the plot about finding hidden money while avoiding the bad guy's is nothing that original or special & Gunmen doesn't distinguish itself from any other average action thriller. The action mainly consists of a few shoot-outs where the bad guy's can't shoot straight as usual, a few people crashing out of windows & a boat exploding at the end. Gunmen looks quite nice, set in South America the lush green jungles add a little something the close-ups of wrinkled faces & guy's with thick stubble remind me of a Spaghetti Western. There's a topless woman & a bit of blood but nothing excessive. With a supposed budget of about $8,030,000 this had a fair bit spent on it & I can't really see where the money went besides the locations & even then Gunmen was filmed in Mexico not South America. The acting didn't impress me, as I said I thought there was little to no chemistry between Lambert & Peebles which really killed the film dead for me. Gunmen is an average action thriller with the whole buddy buddy mismatched partner thing going on of which there are many better examples out there. Not something I would want to watch again, ever.

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