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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by donjeffries 1 / 10 / 10

Yet Another Putrid "Comedy"

I must sound like a broken record, but once again this horrid film proves that Hollywood simply cannot make a decent comedy anymore. This one has the same things they all do now- tons of juvenile potty humor, gratuitous male nudity (and in a rarity, a brief topless female), and a predictable, disastrous message. The male nudity, by the way, includes a close up view of a male's penis. As usual, the males in the film are made out to be the bad guys. Two hapless husbands, who are guilty of nothing more than ogling women here and there, are granted a "hall pass" by their wives. This idea comes from their friend, played by the odious Joy Behar, who is no actress and can barely recite her lines. The men are told that for one week, they can do whatever they want, and pretend they aren't married, while the wives take the kids out of town. In an utterly foreseen twist, the guys turn out to not even be capable of talking to girls, let alone sleeping with them, while their wives are partying up a storm with hot younger athletes. Meanwhile, we are treated to a running gag that could have been penned by most third graders, of the guys' fat friend constantly uttering "I have to poo." In a truly artistic scene, we are treated to this man's fat bare bottom taking a dump in a sand trap on a golf course. Talk about hilarious! Owen Wilson eventually turns down the hot 21 year old who had been his children's babysitter, her hot 40 something aunt, and the gorgeous blonde Australian chick who had been the object of his fantasies. He doesn't even get to kiss any of them. His hapless friend is similarly unlucky. Meanwhile, Christina Appelegate, as the other husband's wife, does sleep with a younger guy. Afterwards, she says "this can't happen again- I love my husband." This is the message that has been coming out of Hollywood for some time now- a wife can have an extramarital affair, but the husband cannot, or at least if he does, the marriage is over. We saw this even in Family Guy, when Lois slept with Bill Clinton, but Peter inexplicably backed out of sleeping with his date, so the writers solved that by having Peter sleep with Bill Clinton, too. Ugh. When the hapless other husband reunites with Christina Applegate, he gets down on his knees and apologizes. "For what?" the audience might ask. He didn't really do anything wrong. But his wife sure did. And does she admit this, or apologize herself? Nope. Guess again- she accepts his ridiculous apology with a canary-that-ate-the-kitten smile. Nice message there for everyone. This movie was not as awful as the Judd Apatow stuff, or quite as unfunny as most of Adam Sandler's and Will Ferrell's "gems," but it is still thoroughly offensive.

Reviewed by Jin Maruhashi 1 / 10 / 10

I'll Pass

One week, no rules, no fun. "Hall Pass" details the golden opportunity that two married men- Rick (Owen Wilson) and Fred (Jason Sudeikis)- have to wreak havoc and enjoy themselves in any shape or form possible for a full week, and above all, these fortunate individuals have their wives' approvals. What seems to be a once in a lifetime chance is tediously squandered by a morally-abiding storyline that ruthlessly eviscerates any hopes of laughing at the mischief these two vacuously avoided. Even the events leading up to the granting of the hall pass are a torturously slow and painful wait devoid of laughter. When the long-awaited time comes, the build up of expectations for a hilarious ride back into bachelor life climaxes to a loud and noisy sigh of sheer disappointment. It is however, a difficult job to create a comedy that aims to entertain under the promise of showing the wildest seven days known to mankind while attempting to somehow squeeze in a lesson of morality here and there. But if you can vicariously derive any pleasure from quotidian activities like playing videogames, golf and eating at Applebee's with close friends then by all means this is the perfect film for it. Otherwise, save yourself the time and money and discard the hall pass.

Reviewed by Charles Ec 1 / 10 / 10

Worthless puritan garbage featuring man childs and fart jokes

This film, i mean this thing, is a total wreck. It has something to disappoint everyone. Picturing two marriages that are so lame they will make you hate marriage, two love story that are so childish you will hate love stories, humour so stupid they must have hired a retarded teenager to write the lines, and sexual situations so unsexy you might take a dislike in sex. As with many Hollywood product, the more it talks about sex, the less it actually is about it. All the sex consist in jokes about bushes and a pair of double F, with a bit of masturbation noise (thanksfully not in a pie this time) for good measure. The take home morale is off course that there is absolutely nothing beyond a good family home-life, if possible buried in nappies, and that desiring a healthy sexual relationship with your other half means you are a weirdo. It seems you can only wish to be on the coach grooming the Labrador, or masturbating in your car. In true Hollywood puritan tradition, after having been given this Hall pass, they make nothing of it, make asses of themselves, weep like kids, and go home with their tail between their legs, as two good doggies. Not even a single real kiss in the movie. The idea could have led somewhere. They could have lived that opportunity, really experience things, really understand what they have in their lives, and really build something from it. Instead they live nothing, go nowhere, they might just has well have stayed in the basement, meet no one, and everything ends in a big I-miss- you-so-much situation. Everyone ends up in their own coach, and thankfully, oh thankfully, not at any point in a stranger bed. Morale is saved. Vows are preserved. Panties are all accounted for, and no condom get misplaced... Imagine. Something might have happened!

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