Hän oli vain äiti



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Max von Sydow as Supreme Court's President
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by iank-76224 10 / 10 / 10

An excellent piece of foreign art.

I would recommend this film to anyone who thoroughly enjoys foreign films or classic cinema. It is a refreshing blend of cinematography and powerful dialog. Though it was released in 1949, there are themes that should still be treasured to this day. I would suggest understanding the culture that the film came from, and the time period that it was produced, before viewing the film. It is interesting to see the roles that certain characters play, and how they portray certain commonplace stereotypes. It is also worth noting that since this is a foreign film, be prepared for very abstract ideas, and no English. It is incredible to see how Max Von Sydow has progressed as a star. For example, he appears in the newest Star Wars (The Force Awakens), albeit as a minor character. Overall, this is a somewhat unknown, and highly under appreciated piece of foreign film mastery, and should be treasured as such.

Reviewed by Mattias / 10

Beautiful but a bit boring.

Alf Sjöberg has without a doubt together with cinematographer Martin Bodin created a visually stunning movie and the scenes from the midsummer celebrations reminds me of the similar scenes from Sjöberg's Fröken Julie, released the following year. The movie has other flaws though. Perhaps Eva Dahlbeck in the lead role as Rya-Rya does not have the strength to pull this off. She was in her late 20s at the time and she is not quite convincing as an old woman on her death bed with skin smooth as silk. It is also difficult to understand why she rejects the man she loves to marry a slob with a face that only a mother can love. Seeing this today, it is a bit comical to see something that is supposed to look like a two people immediately after a date rape when it is obvious that Rya-Rya hasn't taken her clothes off or even has had her hair messed up.

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