Hannah Takes the Stairs


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Greta Gerwig as Michelle
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Mark Duplass as Josef
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10 / 10


Hannah (Greta Gerwig) is a twenty something starting an internship at a Chicago production office working under writing partners Matt and Paul. Her boyfriend Mike (Mark Duplass) quits his job. She contemplates breaking up and Mike decides to do it himself. She starts to fall for his co-workers which causes friction among the trio. This is Joe Swanberg, mumblecore, and the indie circuit. Gerwig is starting out her partnership with Swanberg. She definitively has a star quality to her. She is very much the IT girl of the movie. On the other hand, Matt and Paul are not being played by IT guys. It would help to have Duplass play one of the guys. There is real tension happening between Hannah and Mike. It gets really uncomfortable and dark at times. The love triangle needs that kind of tension and darkness. Without it, the film goes limp. They struggle to get to that same level. It doesn't put Hannah in the best of light either. The movie falters to the finish.

Reviewed by jacky-12 7 / 10 / 10

makes vapidity interesting

Hannah is so self-absorbed, she doesn't even realize she is. She laments that the world is full of self-absorbed people and that everyday gestures of friendliness are rooted in fear of the dark side of others. And yet she seems to give nothing worthwhile of herself and seems oblivious to the needs of others or the ramifications of her actions. She is drifting aimlessly, momentarily amused by the affections of men with whom she rapidly bores. Nonetheless, she is fascinating to watch. Excellent acting with brilliant unspoken subtext, which is critical, since Hannah is largely inarticulate. If you know any lost 20-somethings, you will recognize them in this. Many scenes go on too long, the dialog is bland and mundane. The men are cute and like to cuddle. The women confused and uninspiring.

Reviewed by KawaiiKiwi 7 / 10 / 10

Not for everyone..

When the movie started, with the amateur filming and uninteresting boobies scene, I almost turned it off right away. I ended up watching more, and really got into it. Of course it's nothing special, it's filmed like a low-budget TV series, but what makes it interesting is that it feels real. The characters are real, the story is real, the problems are real. I felt like I was watching a reality show with people who have relationship issues that I could relate to. Obviously, if you don't like reality shows, chances are you probably won't like this. Hannah was fun to watch, although she's a bit annoying at times. Overall I really enjoyed this simplistic home movie, it was very pleasant and real. The only thing I disliked was how it ended so abruptly, I wanted more!

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