Harry, He's Here to Help


Comedy / Drama / Mystery

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Laurent Lucas as Daniel Eckmann
Liliane Rovère as Michel's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 8 / 10 / 10

Don't you wish you had a friend just like Harry?! Well, maybe not...

When the film begins, Michel is in the hot car with his wife and three small kids. It's summer and there's no air conditioning...and it's not surprising the kids are behaving like brats and Michel is at his wit's ends. When the family stops for a break, Michel goes to the bathroom and there an old acquaintance, Harry, recognizes him...though Michel cannot recall the guy. It seems that Harry is a major fan of Michel and has lots of fond memories of the guy...and Michel is just dumbfounded. Despite this, when Harry invites himself and his girlfriend to their home, Michel agrees and they all have a lovely evening together. During this evening, Harry inexplicably recalls a poem that Michel wrote when he was a teen. Despite decades having passes, he even remembers this poem word-for-word and Harry decides to take on a new project--to get Michel to begin writing once again. While this seems like a laudable goal, it soon gets strange. First, Harry decides that the hot car isn't what a writer needs and when it breaks down, he impulsively buys Michel and his family a new SUV with air conditioning!! Given that they barely know each other, this is very strange. Second, Harry isn't about to stop at just buying his old colleague a car...he'll remove all the distractions from Michel's life...whatever they might be! This is a very dark and enjoyable film. It's also, in a sick way, a bit of a comedy. Fortunately, it's unique and keeps your attention- -and it's well worth seeing--especially for the strange yet satisfying ending. The film is taut, unusual and well written.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 9 / 10 / 10

Harry, a Friend That Nobody Needs

Michel (Laurent Lucas), his wife Claire (Mathilde Seigner) and their three little daughters Jeanne (Victoire de Koster), Sarah (Laurie Caminata) and Iris (Lorena Caminata) are traveling to their cottage in Switzerland to spend summer vacation. When they stop the car, Michel goes to the toilet and a man stares at him. Soon the man introduces himself as Harold "Harry" Balestoro (Sergi Lopez), who studied with Michel in high school and knows him very well. When Michel and his family go to their car, Harry parks his Mercedes Benz and introduces his fiancée Plum (Sophie Guillemin) to the couple and invites themselves to travel to Michel's house for a drink. Later her recalls by heart a poem written by Michel and shows that he was obsessed for Michel. Harry is surprised that Michel does not write anymore and tells that he is wealthy since he has inherited his father's investments. Michel and Claire are middle-class and are still repairing their cottage by themselves. Harry and Plum stay for the night in the guest room and in the morning, Harry gives a 4x4 V6 Pajero to his new friends. They do not accept but Michel needs to bring his parents to see their granddaughters and drives the truck. He brings his mother (Liliane Rovère) and his father (Dominique Rozan) that immediately recognizes Harry. He feels tension between Michel and Claire and his parents and Harry and Plum move to a nearby hotel. During the night, Harry decides to help his friend, showing that he is a psychopath that turns Michel's life upside down. "Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien" is an impressive thriller with a lighthearted beginning that turns into a very dark story. In the release year (2000), the impact of this film was great, highlighting the top- notch direction and performances. Sergi Lopez in the role of a nice psychopath and the gorgeous Mathilde Seigner in the role of a mother with three annoying children are amazing. Presently this film is still excellent but more predictable especially if the viewer saw it once. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Harry Chegou para Ajudar" ("Harry Has Arrived to Help")

Reviewed by kosmasp 9 / 10 / 10

Not for everyone

And I'm not only talking about the main character, but for the movie as a whole. It is a black comedy, but as others have stated, it is more psychological (or dare I say "psychotic"?), rather than laugh out funny (as in Serial Lover for example). But if you are in the mood and have a liking for movies like this, Harry will indeed "help" you, enjoy this experience. And although I was expecting this to be remade in America, I'm also not surprised that no one has touched that subject yet. It's pretty dark, creepy and twisted. So the question you have to ask yourself is plain and simple: Are you up for it or do you rather watch something lighter (in mood and comedy)?

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