Hav Plenty


Comedy / Romance

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November 11, 2020


Hill Harper as Joseph Leshem
Mekhi Phifer as Silk
Nia Long as Ellie
Shemar Moore as Cyborg
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by fiona davidson 8 / 10 / 10

Low-budget goodie!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this low budget comedy. The story centres around a homeless writer, Lee Plenty (Christopher Scott Cherot - who did everything on this movie to prove his up-coming talent) who joins a friend and her family for New Year, and the trials and tribulations which befall him during his stay. These trials mainly involve getting into various unwanted and unplanned situations with several women. The movie tells a story of love through modern day class barriers and the will Lee Plenty had to achieve his aim (publishing a book). As it turned out everything that happened to him gave him all the material he needed. I found the film light and easy to watch, although not so much the romantic comedy which it was advertised as. The entertainment was in wondering what was going to happen to Lee next to prevent him leaving as he was constantly planning. I must admit though that the ending was pretty predictable. I'm looking forward to what Cherot will treat us to next.

Reviewed by louray 10 / 10 / 10

Loved the Movie

I truly enjoyed the movie "Hav Plenty". It was very refreshing to see a romantic and well-written Black love story, which is so rare these days. The cast were all outstanding actors for a low budget movie. The movie was very realistic and it made you feel that you could truly relate. I especially loved Christopher Scott Cherot's role. Although Ms. Havelin was playing "hard-to-get", I loved the way Mr. Plenty stood his grounds and did not give in. My daughter turned me on to this movie and now every time I learned that it is airing I watch it religiously. I surely hope that Mr. Cherot will be bringing us more movies and especially with him as a character. I fall more in love with him each time I see the movie. I plan to purchase it and add it to my collection of all-time favorites.

Reviewed by kevin_kruz 10 / 10 / 10

Has Plenty of Originality

remember when you would hear a song & try to claim it before anyone else saying "that's my jam"? well "this my movie". not too many people know of this one which in a strange way is a good thing. we don't want it to be spoiled by mainstream biters. i myself just happened to stumble across this one when doing the typical back and forth at the blockbuster a few years back. i saw the cover and it looked appealing - let's see, a romantic comedy without meg ryan? black peeps who are professionals with upper mobility? a story that's actually not about the stereotypical thug? it's an original, creative story made by very talented actors, producers, and music biggies. soundtrack is on-point, characters are likable, even the cameos are well-chosen! overall it's a funny feel-good flick smoothed out on the r&b tip wit a pop appeal, appeal, to it.

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