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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by avampyrn 10 / 10 / 10

The Light and The Dark

Deck (Anthony Edwards) appears onscreen first as prospective purchaser of a sweet-featured, warm red & all decked-out Saab: "sleek, fine, and fast!" Then after the rather traumatizing experience of the test drive, the persistent salesman tells him that the warranty's 5 years- "I'll take that," he says. And- That, with utter conviction. What a great opening to set the tone for this wonderful sleeper of a movie - which stars Timothy Dalton, Edwards, Janet McTeer, and Camille Codori. This film has all the essential elements touching the heart: attractive & sympathetic leads - humor - poignancy - and the encompass of existence, light & the dark of it. Dalton never ceases to amaze me with the scope and range of his performances. He's deftly captured King Philip of France, Henry Darnley, Hamlet, Hotspur, Antony, Heathcliff, Rochester, James Bond, and others. He actually had the audacity to make this movie in between his two Bond films! He packs a powerful punch here as the very flawed but endearing Bancroft: a highly intelligent man on a relentless quest for fun in spite (or, is it because of?) the bleak prognosis of his life. His partner in crime is Deck - an American being treated for the same affliction in the Charing Cross, London hospital. Despite their conflicts, their health, militant nursing sisters, and all constraints with the English law regarding ambulances, together they depart for a momentous trek across the channel to Amsterdam. There, they meet Hazel and Maureen - two best friends from London on their own trek: that, to reunite Hazel with the father of the baby she's pregnant with. Bancroft and Deck had gone to Amsterdam in quest of a brothel - the girls in quest of a balding Hollander. What they all find instead is something completely different. They come to find a somewhat quirky enlightenment, each in their own individual way. I highly recommend this little treasure of a movie - best watched snuggled on lots of pillows, under a warm down comforter, and with a glass of well-bodied wine.

Reviewed by Sharon Damkaer 10 / 10 / 10

I found this movie uplifting, inspiring, and joyful.

I wasn't sure I was up to watching this movie knowing the subject matter. I was at the bedside of two of my closest women friends when they died of cancer. Well, I can truly say I found this movie uplifting, inspiring, and joyful. Timothy Dalton (Bancroft) and Anthony Edwards (Deck) are wonderful in their respective roles of the two cancer patients who decide to enjoy themselves while they still can. I enjoyed the developing friendship of the men and their relationships with the women Hazel and Maureen who they meet in Holland. Camille Coduri and Janet McTeer are believable in these strong women roles. Mr. Dalton deserves praise for his courage in taking on such an off-beat role. His performance in this heart-warming movie shows once again his versatility and talent as an actor as well as his devotion to his craft. It has been a long time since I have laughed and cried so hard in a movie.

Reviewed by Ffolkes-3 10 / 10 / 10

The best film that Timothy Dalton played in.

It's hard to say much. The film is drama and a comedy in one. It's very moving but it's also very funny. I believe that it's not that easy to make that kind of film. It proves that Robert Ellis Miller is one of the best directors ever. Both of the main actors - Timothy Dalton and Anthony Edwards should get Oscars for the roles. PEOPLE YOU MUST SEE "HAWKS" !!!

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