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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 5 / 10 / 10

Heatstroke? Hardly so! Turned out to be a mild sun burn at worst...

I sat down to watch "Heatstroke" purely because I had the chance and it was readily available. It wasn't a movie that I had any plans to watch, just happened to come by it by sheer random luck. And I didn't have any expectations to it, nor did I know what it was about; although I had somewhat thought it might have been a disaster movie with the title "Heatstroke". And now having seen the movie, it most definitely wasn't a disaster movie. It was an action thriller of sorts. Although, if I have to be honest, then it was fairly scarce on the thriller aspect. And actually equally so on the action part. This is the story of unruly teenager Josie (played by Maisie Williams) who travels to Africa with her father Paul (played by Stephen Dorff) and his new girlfriend Tally (played by Svetlana Metkina). Here she doesn't find the closeness to her father that she is looking for, and she has to return home to the United States. However, something happens on the way back to the airport, and Josie wakes up bloody and confused in an overturned car, with Tally at her side... I will not go further into details about the story, as that would somewhat be ruining it. Why? Well, because the storyline is rather simplistic and doesn't really have much depth or many aspects to it. It is a straight forward story, for sure, but it was just too predictable to the point where it was a mundane movie experience. The acting in the movie was good, and I must say that both Stephen Dorff and Peter Stormare really performed quite well here. It was just a shame that Peter Stormare didn't really have more time on the screen, because his character wasn't fully utilized to its full potential. All in all a watchable movie certainly, just don't get your hopes up. "Heatstroke" offers nothing profound or groundbreaking to the genre. In fact, it is actually a rather generic action thriller, to be bluntly honest. There is nothing here that hasn't already been seen in other similar movies.

Reviewed by adi_2002 5 / 10 / 10

Can you feel the heat?

Paul takes his young daughter and mistress to a wild adventure in the desert to see the surroundings and observe different animal behavior. For some reason they must separate from Tally in order to reunite again later but Paul falls as a prey to a sort of hunters who he sees them taking the fangs from a rhinoceros. Fortunately Josie escapes unharmed and she is found by Tally but now the two must run from those who hunt them. Well, it was a good way to spend an hour and a half although the story is quite sad. I still like it and having in mind that it doesn't contain violence to the animals, is bearable. The action is little is more like a cat and mouse type we see more running then action scenes, maybe this is the reason for the low rating, oh, and yes the little girl is annoying but hey, she is just a teen in our days so she didn't make a mistake. So for an sad adventure tale or for the melancholic type of audience this one is just fine.

Reviewed by writetopcat 5 / 10 / 10

liberal attitudes, clichés, good scenery

The kid Josie is a bad cliché of a rebellious bratty spoiled teenage girl. Her dad enables and encourages her behavior by refusing to be critical of her behavior. It is sickening to watch. This liberal attitude of not correcting bad behavior in children is epidemic in films today. It does help the writers develop conflict of course; the stupid decisions which are natural derivatives of liberal parenting philosophy assist the writers in putting characters in trouble. Being set in Africa, the scenery is great. I decided to watch this movie when I read it was set in Africa; that part of the movie does not disappoint. But there are scenes which detract from the film. Talley kills the man trying to kill her. Later she mutters to herself, I could have disabled him, I didn't have to kill him. And this is one of the men who murdered her lover. This is more idiotic liberalism, uncalled for. In point of fact, she was lucky she was not killed by the man, and she only killed him by accident during a struggle for the gun. But the writers felt the need to put some stupid leftist philosophy in the movie. In real life, if you try to avoid hurting your assailant very much you are likely to be overcome by him. Josie has a fit of anger and hits Talley in the back of the head with a rock because the water hole they found was bad. This is more gratuitous liberal behavior, playing the victim and blaming others for your bad luck. The teenage angst step mom dynamic is a major plot line in this film. You can tell how it is going to play out; they will get through some life changing harrowing experiences together and wind up bonding. If you can get past all that, it is not a bad film, but certainly not a great one

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