Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RandomFlux 5 / 10 / 10

I'm a Hell House LLC fan so I'm biased but...

I can only give this five out of ten. I'd give it five and a half but there are no half stars. The original Hell House LLC was an excellent indie film that I have watched many times. I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, the 'curse' of the ever diminishing sequels is in effect here. This movie actually has a lot of good moments. I love found footage movies and I really enjoy the subtle scares they create. Unfortunately the potential here is often sacrificed for the sake of clunky exposition. I appreciate the desire to create a finale. An ending that would round out the trilogy. But they're trying too hard and it shows. If you want to get technical this isn't really a 'found footage' film, although some footage from the original film was apparently "found" by one of the characters. And how about that bit at the very tail of the film? WTF was that even supposed to be? Footage of the afterlife? "You're dead. We're stuck here." ... "Now it's time to move on." Ok... wait, what? Needless to say some of the dialogue is ... iffy. The actors are good, except for the guy playing "Russel". He's kind of terrible. Flat and wooden all the time. Overall it's a good final installment for the series. I had hoped for more but at least it wasn't a disaster. Here's hoping they stop here and don't beat the premise to death trying to cash in on the title.

Reviewed by Nolafilmmaker 6 / 10 / 10

One Star. Absolutely terrible

I'm a huge fan of the first one, which really captured a sense of impending dread. Even the second one, with its flaws, still managed to capture at least some sense of dread. But the third film is absolutely terrible. First, it doesn't have the atmosphere of the first film. The first film had an almost grainy look to it, while this one has a soap opera video feel to it. Second, the climax is downright awful. Scenes which should be dimmer are brightly-lit, which nulls the scare factor. Also, the acting in the climax is terrible - to the point where I actually laughed throughout the last twenty minutes. Sad to see a franchise with such good potential, quickly go down the drain.

Reviewed by northernlad 6 / 10 / 10

The End of Hell House LLC

The first movie had so much dread and genuine creepiness to it. It's a shame that couldn't be carried throughout the series. Even the second one, the story was somewhat lacking but still there were moments of dread in it. This third installment just doesn't have that. I give it 6 stars because it kept me interested enough to watch to the end and it was by no means a boring movie. It simply had a lot to live up to...and the first movie in this series will always outshine the two that followed.

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