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Aaron Paul as Adam Niskar
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Reviewed by encyes 6 / 10 / 10

Decent film of troubled family life

This sad and bittersweet tale of a Father and his two Sons - one innocent, the other a "hellion" - has its share of emotional moments but is too intense in parts and dramatic and depressing. Cinematically - the acting, the directing, the editing, etc. - is all well done, and the story really has the viewer rooting that everything works out in the end. But a plot twist steers it into a disappointing conclusion. This is not a bad movie, just not a cheerful one. The worst part of this decent movie is that the part is not much a stretch for actor Aaron Paul. I was looking forward to seeing Paul play something other than a substance abusing, irresponsible, angry yet tearful Jesse Pinkman character of "Breaking Bad", but in this movie he plays a substance abusing, irresponsible, angry yet tearful Hollis Wilson - Paul with a heavy beard and slight southern drawl.

Reviewed by Ian 8 / 10 / 10

Been There, Done That

(Flash Review) Yep, bad parents leads to troubles kids. Another story of parents that are absent, drunks, immature or all the above. The story revolves around the older son of a father who loses their wife/mother; a very underdeveloped part of the story. So the older kid misbehaves while the father isn't around. Burning things, fighting and hanging around another kids with emotional issues based on dysfunctional families as well. The movie repeats that cycle of behavior more than it needs thus I felt the story was very thin and didn't build on fewer and more interesting nuggets. I would have felt more emotionally engaged had the backstory been there at all. The acting was stellar. Aaron Paul and the older boy had a few really good emotional moments but those were too short and not enough of them. Substandard cinematography. There are better examples of this well-worn subject matter. Had it not been for the acting, I'd of rated this a 4/10.

Reviewed by Tss5078 8 / 10 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! - http://tss5078.blogspot.com - @tss5078

Coming of age films are a dime a dozen, and what it really comes down to is the strength of the young actor or actress. The way it usually works out is that the better they are, the better the film is, and when it comes to Hellion, casting was dead on, but there was also something else that made this one special. After losing his mother, Jacob Wilson (Josh Wiggins) started acting out. Maybe his fathers transformation into a full blown alcoholic had something to do with it, or maybe it's the fact that he's left to be the adult and take care of his little brother that's the problem, but whatever the case it gets a whole lot worse. After stupid teenaged behavior causes his younger brother to be taken away and placed with his aunt, Jacob has to become the adult and convince his father to clean up in order to bring his little brother home, a herculean task, when you consider the fact that Jacob himself is still a wreck. The young star of the film, newcomer Josh Wiggins is absolutely terrific, outshining multiple award winning actors and actresses in this film, but he's not the only difference here. Hellion takes on the dark southern poverty stricken surreal feeling of other similar films that have become extremely popular in recent years. Similar to Winter's Bone, Joe, and Mud, there is an aspect to this film that is methodical and real. It's almost like you aren't watching a movie, you're just seeing real life unfold in front of your eyes. This combined with an extraordinary young talent made this extremely enjoyable to watch. Everything was very raw, emotional, and just real, a credit to both the writer, director, and cast involved in Hellion. This style is fairly new in cinema and has really defined the 2010s era, to see it combined with something that was so relate-able made for a very special film.

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