Hell's Bloody Devils


Action / Crime / Drama

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November 22, 2021



Adolf Hitler as Self
Emily Banks as Jill Harmon
Keith Andes as Joe Brimante
Scott Brady as Brand
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer 1 / 10 / 10

What a strange concoction!

I hope when you see it, you see it with the great preview for this film--the one that warns the faint of heart to go to the snack bar instead of watching the depravity and violence! It's really campy and rather funny--and is better than the rest of the film. In fact, it really looks like a totally different film, as the preview makes it out to be a biker film whereas the thing turns out to have almost nothing to do with these bikers! The opening credits you then see are really rather cool--but also have a lot of nudity. You can certainly tell that this is NOT a movie for the kids! And, when you see the name Al Adamson, you know that the film will truly suck--he's the king of schlock film of the 1960s and 70s. His films, if it's possible, are every bit as bad as Larry Buchanan's and, Ted Mikels' and Hershell Gordon Lewis'--and so you realize that despite the interesting credits, the rest of the film will only get worse--so enjoy the credits while you can! And, when you learn that the film is about a group of neo-Nazis uniting with biker gangs and Communists, you know that Adamson is up to form! And, in a very, very tack move, an Israeli agent is out to get the evil Kruger (the Nazi war criminal) because he killed her family at Auschwitz! Using Auschwitz as a plot point just seemed...gross and rather exploitative. Here is where the film just gets even more weird. At about 40 minutes into the film, the male lead asks a lady to lunch. They go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and out of nowhere, in walks Colonel Sanders---THE Colonel Sanders! He asked them what they thought of his chicken and then just stood there staring at them as they ate!!! Why? I dunno--nor did the Colonel apparently! It was like a free ad for his chicken! In the middle of the movie! And it had nothing, really, to do with the plot! How strange and cool is that?! And, in many ways, this weird and irrelevant appearance by the Colonel is EXACTLY like the rest of the film. Many scenes are irrelevant and seem to be tossed in randomly and almost every type of character shows up in this strange melange of a film! By the way, in addition to Commies, Nazis, mobsters and the such, there also are government agents. However, one of the agents is a sexy lady and the other is Broderick Crawford--who mostly sits around and does an imitation of a giant talking carbuncle. I am actually surprised that zombies and perhaps Count Dracula didn't show up--nearly every other type of character did! In a curious little scene, check out the twins in the pet shop. They might look familiar. They are Alyce Andrece and Rhae Andrece. They starred as two of the robots on the original "Star Trek" series (the "I, Mudd" episode). Overall, a strange and confusing concoction. While a few elements aren't terrible, the over experience is. For example, while the theme music is pretty good, it's repeated again and again and again until you are ready to scream! Bad....just plain bad.

Reviewed by Uriah43 5 / 10 / 10

Not Bad but Somewhat Complicated and Confusing

Wanting to reestablish the Nazi Party in Germany, a rich and influential militarist named "Count Otto Von Delberg" (Kent Taylor) has acquired some extremely precise counterfeit plates and in order to fund his political ambitions has initiated a process to launder large sums of fake money through certain connections he has with the American mafia. One mob boss in particular named "Joe Brimante" (Keith Andes) is so impressed with the counterfeit dollars that he sends his most trusted lieutenant, "Mark Adams" (John Gabriel) to not only buy some of the fake dollars but to also inquire about purchasing the plates themselves. However, what nobody counts on is the fact that there are other organizations who are fully aware of these plates and they also want to get their hands on them as well. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that, although it may have been marketed as a "biker film" and certainly has its share of rough-and-tumble bikers, this particular picture turned out to be more of a "spy movie" than anything else. To that end, there were several twists and turns along the way which were quite intricate. Be that as it may, this was a complicated and rather confusing movie which had its good points here and there and I have rated it accordingly. Average.

Reviewed by hwg1957-102-265704 5 / 10 / 10

"The guy's a fanatic. He'll never talk"

A neo-Nazi is trying to revive the Nazi Party in Germany by raising funds by flooding America with counterfeit money with the help of some bikers and apparently Communists. Trying to foil his scheme in different ways are a Las Vegas syndicate and the FBI. Meanwhile a member of the Israeli Secret Service is trying to find a war criminal. I think that's what the film is about. It is however strangely compelling and one watches to see if it will get any clearer but it doesn't really. Characters pop up with no explanation. I did like Vicki Volante particularly as Carol Bechtal and Robert Dix as Cunk. Not a classic but any film with Broderick Crawford, John Carradine and Colonel Sanders of chicken fame is to be savoured.

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