He's Just Not That Into You

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Drew Barrymore as Smashley Simpson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pickle_in_pyjamas 2 / 10 / 10

Boring clichèlike romantic comedy

Yup, this is pretty much like every other romantic comedy out there. It has all the clichés and the usual buildup, resulting in a happy ending. Im a guy, so maybe this isn't really meant for me, but I found this movie really boring, and more a kind of movie you see with your girlfriend. It lacks inventfulness and seems to rely on the famous actors in it to get its point through. Other than that, it pretty much isn't about what the title suggests it is. Its more or less a typical guy meets girl love story with small additions of a plot. It tries, and fails, to get through that guys who are mean to girls, aren't trying to flirt with them, but actually just don't like them. However, the movie completely fades away from this plot and gets too busy describing the several subplots ( already established relationships between the characters) It may not have been a 2, but I would rather give it that so that people don't get the wrong idea and watch this movie hoping it will be funny, I actually did not laugh once...

Reviewed by synsueson 10 / 10 / 10

I wanted to slap them all upside the head

I have just come from this movie. When will I learn not to pay money to see movies like this? When will directors learn that a good ensemble movie is very hard to make? Where is Robert Altman when you need him? I found it extremely hard to relate to or to find sympathy for the characters. Some of their actions were so unbelievably stupid that I just wanted to smack them. And what shallow lives they lived! Work, bar-hopping and texting. Character development was equally shallow. What epiphany did the Justin Long character undergo to realize that he was really "into" the Ginnifer Goodwin character? One confused meeting with the wait staff does not an epiphany make. The same goes for the Jennifer Aniston character realizing what a catch Ben Affleck's character was. So he washed some dishes. And why did he suddenly want to marry her....Because she suddenly didn't want to??? I would have thrown that engagement ring at his head. And what did the Jennifer Connelly character ever see in that wishy-washy (although good-looking) chump of a husband? The Scarlett Johansson character needed some serious therapy for that self-involvement problem of hers (or maybe a good slap upside the head). I guess the best thing about the movie is that it has given me a forum to write just how lackluster it was. I guess that will have to do.

Reviewed by mubaristc 10 / 10 / 10

How that can be so perfect ending for all of them?

It was a amazing movie and wonderful cast. And it was about how some sort of people s from different situations are being in the relationships. do they like it? or what if they don't? how they are comfortable with that? some thing like that. Totally in my opinion ts was a kind of movie you would say after watching that ,it was the perfect ending for it or for all of the five women's and 4 men's. And i just love Barrymore.

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