Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robinsonaustin-07490 10 / 10 / 10

Childhood Memories

Guys, this was probably the best television movie on Nickelodeon by far. After years of waiting for answers, we finally got the conclusion we were asking for. In it, Arnold's class wins a trip to San Lorenzo by winning a competition. Thrilled by the aspect of his parents being somewhere out there, Arnold embarks on an adventure to find the Green Eye people, an indigenous tribe that his parents helped long ago. Alright, so for starters, the animation. For the most part, the animation is the same, albeit with a slight few alterations in character design. I loved how fluid the actions were as well. Overall, with the animation, while I understand that style would change overtime, I had found it slightly difficult to get used to, but it was by no means bad. Same with acting. A majority of the voice cast returned to reprise their roles, except for Arnold. In this film, he's voiced by Mason Vale Cotton. For the most part, he does a good job playing the football head. However, you could kind of tell at some points he was trying to mimic the exact voice, and it is distracting to a degree. The other actors also do a very good job. I also loved the adventure aspect of the film. The series for the most part is a slice of life, but this movie differentiated itself from the series enough to make it feel like it's its own world. The villain La Sombra was okay. To not give anything away, he is searching for Arnold, because he feels that he was the only one who was able to lead him to the Green Eyes' sacred treasure. He's threatening when the time calls for it, but he can also be pretty silly. Oh, and who could forget all of the cameo appearances in the film? From Stoop Kid to Pigeon Man, this was a dream come true for anyone who grew up with the show. My only problem with the film was the ending. It was predictable. Yeah, I know that as a Nickelodeon movie they wouldn't want to go to any dark routes, but it was both predictable and a little convenient. As for Helga and Arnold, I will say that they handle Helga's confession better in this film than in the theatrical film. After everything they've been through, I can see them probably growing closer. Overall, The Jungle Movie brought back what I loved about Hey Arnold growing up, and it wrapped everything up nicely. As for whether I want a season six of the show? No. I feel that this is a perfect way to end the show, so let it go out with a bang. Hey Arnold will continue to be one of the best Nicktoons for its realness and relatability.

Reviewed by sirwillisiv 10 / 10 / 10

A nostalgic adventure with closure...

The Jungle Movie is an interesting departure from the show's traditional format. Hey Arnold! was notable for being the only Nicktoon that had a therapeutic, life-like structure to its story and characters. Shows like Rocko's Modern Life, Fairly Odd Parents, Rugrats, and SpongeBob SquarePants were and still are highly energized and somewhat irreverent, but Hey Arnold! was much the contrary. It was a level-headed chronicle of a loyal and big-hearted child making friends out of enemies, assisting his community, and enduring typical coming-of-age scenarios. This slice-of-life stuck out intriguingly well amongst Nickelodeon's library of fast-paced and chaotic cartoons. That being said, The Jungle Movie is an adventure film through and through, borrowing elements from Raiders of the Lost Ark (which was one of Molina's earliest film roles) and the Indiana Jones series in general. We follow Arnold, his best friend Gerald, and his secret admirer Helga as they brave the dangers of the South American wilderness, and a pitiless villain. It's quite jarring (yet thrilling) to see these young, timeless characters in genuine peril and watch how they work together to make it out alive. Heck, we even see some of bad guys get killed in non-gory over-the-top comeuppances that most Indiana Jones villains succumb to. Not only is the film a nostalgic trip down memory lane for old school Nicktoon fans, it's also a pleasurable nod to classic adventure cinema, with some colorful, well-animated effects, surprisingly reveals, fun action set-pieces, and a straightforward character- driven story to back it all up. One of the film's emotional highlights was witnessing the numerous cameos of one-time characters that Arnold had helped out. I personally wish I saw more of the supporting characters other than a few winks and smiles, but that's just sentimentality talking. Overall, I really enjoyed Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie. I'm so glad old cartoons with loose ends from my childhood are receiving closure, and I hope it keeps happening.

Reviewed by jmcd2007 10 / 10 / 10

A welcome return to a beloved series!

"Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie" was everything that I was hoping for. Craig Bartlett and Nickelodeon did not disappoint with this movie at all. Most of the original cast returns after a fifteen year hiatus with a few new additions for the roles of Arnold and Gerald for instance. Meanwhile, others like Francesca "Franny" Marie Smith (Helga G. Pataki) and Anndi McAfee (Phoebe Heyerdahl) reprise their respective roles as well, which was a pleasure to hear. All actors and actresses were absolutely wonderful in this the film and it's as if they never left the series (when speaking in terms of the original cast). The main plot of the film centers around Arnold Philip Shortman (his actual full name) wanting to find his parents. With the help of Helga and a few of Arnold's classmates, him and the kids in his class eventually win a contest to San Lorenzo, Argentina where they meet up with Eduardo, who was a longtime friend of Arnold's parents. While on a boat, Eduardo and Arnold then bring up the topic of Arnold's parents in which case Eduardo agrees to help Arnold with his quest. Eduardo then gives Arnold a pendent from the "Green-Eyed People." Not long after, however, we find out that "Eduardo" is really "La Sombra" in disguise, who is a river pirate that has plans to steal the "Corazon" which is an ancient and valuable artifact that would help the Green-Eyed People cure a dreadful "sleeping" disease that is plaguing their community. Once "La Sombra" reveals his true identity, he holds Arnold and his classmates hostage in a camp, only for them to break out not long after thanks to Phoebe's quick technological thinking. With a map in hand, Arnold, Gerald, and Helga then set off to solve the mystery of Arnold's parents once and for all. Once they reach the end of the map, Gerald falls through a bed of flowers into a deep dark cave and the rest of them follow which then leads them to the Green-Eyed People's Community. Not long after that, La Sombra reappears thanks to the pendent that he gave Arnold, which is revealed to be a tracking device. His plans to steal the Corazon fail when the real Eduardo appears. When La Sombra attempts to steal the Corazon, he is shot in the head with a poisonous arrow that came directly from where the Corazon is housed. Eduardo and the kids then start fighting him until La Sombra is tossed off the side of the cliff and falls to his death...although the Corazon soon falls off the cliff as well and it is never seen again. Feeling as if he has failed and let down the Green-Eyed People, his parents and his friends, Arnold, Gerald, Helga and Eduardo all return to the Green-Eyed People's Community and inform the leader there that they have lost the Corazon. Looking at the murals on the wall, however, Helga hatches a plan. She ends up relinquishing her infamous locket with Arnold's picture in it and puts it in the center of a tribal device that instantly cures the "sleeping" disease that has plagued the Green-Eyed People's community for decades. This also cures Arnold's parents as well, who have been "sleeping" for about nine years or so. Knowing that his parents are alive, Arnold reunites with them and it flashes forward to Arnold waking up in his bed at the boarding house. Hoping that he's not dreaming, he runs downstairs to find Mr. Potts, Mr. Hyunh, Mr. Kokoshka and Arnold's Grandma and Grandpa in the dining room all complaining about food. Less than a minute later, however, his parents emerge from the kitchen. From then on, he gives them a hug and they tell him they have plans for the day. Not missing a beat, Arnold reminds them that he has to go to school which they agree and offer to walk him there. They do so and Arnold and his parents walk to his school and the movie ends. I should also note that Helga does end up confessing her love to Arnold with this film as well. He also finds out that she loves him thanks to Helga giving up her locket in exchange for saving the Green-Eyed People's community from the "sleeping" sickness...along with the fact that she helped him win the San Lorenzo contest by putting together a tribute video to all the people that Arnold has helped over the years. Moreover, it also appears as if Mr. Simmons is homosexual, which has been just one of many long standing rumors with the show over the years. He is seen hugging a man at the airport who is presumably Peter from the Thanksgiving episode. Creator Craig Bartlett also confirmed the orientation of Mr. Simmons a while back during an interview as well. In any case, Bartlett has suggested that if this film is received well enough, in which it looks like it might be, then Nickelodeon might greenlight a possible sixth season of "Hey Arnold!" In my opinion, however, they really should just put this series to bed after this movie. Being that Arnold found his parents, which was one of the main question marks around the show, the story in itself now appears to be complete. In summary, no matter if you are a die hard fan or not, WATCH this movie! You will NOT be disappointed! Bartlett and Nickelodeon REALLY hit a home run here! On that note, I will DEFINITELY be picking this one up when it releases to Blu-Ray/DVD!

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