Hickey & Boggs

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Ed Lauter as Leroy
James Woods as Charles Pratt
Robert Culp as Mr. Phillips
Rosalind Cash as Sarah Jackson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tavm 6 / 10 / 10

Hickey & Boggs marked an okay reunion of Bill Cosby and Robert Culp

This film marked a reunion of Bill Cosby and Robert Culp-who also directed this one-from the "I Spy" TV series. In that show, they were spies that seemed to be having fun wherever they went. Here, they're detectives who've experienced many hardships and are going to experience more which makes this more of a downer to anyone expecting anything fun. To tell the truth, the plot mostly confused me but when it gets near the end and something tragic happens to one of them, that's when I was excited about the outcome. The script was written by a newcomer named Walter Hill who eventually also started directing a few years later, having eventually helmed Eddie Murphy's impressive film debut in 48 HRS. I noticed some of the supporting players, then got surprised when I didn't recognized others when looking at the end cast list. So on that note, I say give Hickey & Boggs a chance.

Reviewed by mgtbltp 3 / 10 / 10

Smog Noir in The City of Angels

Al Hickey (Cosby) and Frank Boggs (Culp) are two ex LAPD cops scrapping the bottom of the barrel trying to make ends meet as PI's in the brown haze of the smoggy gas guzzler dominated LA of the seventies. Their office is a back room accessed from a parking lot through a dilapidated peeling panel door, they can't pay their phone bill and the answering service so they opt for the service which they can check from phone booths. They chow on chillidogs from a street vendor and strategize the case at their local bar. Hickey drives a '62 Chevy Nova and is estranged from his wife & daughter, Boggs is a boozer, has a dented '61 T-bird, watches his ex-wife Elaine dance at a Live Nude Girl joint enduring her "eat your heart out" verbal jabs, and pays prostitutes at 20 bucks a pop. The film nicely transitions through Tinseltown's classic Film Noir icons of the past, the classic streamlined silver Super Chief "F" units, Union Station, and the Los Angeles City Hall to the smog shrouded broken dream downtown of 1970s. The tale starts when a creepy pedophile-ish lawyer named Rice hires the team to just find his "wife" Mary Jane (Carmencristina Moreno). Rice works for Leroy the head of a black power organization. Mary Jane is really the wife of Quemando (Louis Moreno) who held up a federal reserve bank in Pittsburgh for $400,000. She just hit town on the Super Chief and is trying to unload the hot money to various factions around SOCAL by mailing $1000 dollar samples to them, one of which is syndicate mobster Brill (Robert Mandan) who bankrolled the original heist. Given a list of leads, Hickey & Boggs begin a strange journey through the miasma of decadence and decay of The City Of Angels that one usually never saw, LA's chamber of commerce should have had a coronary. The film is filled with the ambient sounds of roaring freeway traffic, passing disembodied conversations and pounding surf. The various leads our boys encounter make a nice cross section weird characters, nobody seems normal except for the Mexican American family and they are the bank robbers. Hickey in the course of the tale discovers a dead lead and then Boggs uncovers a hidden envelope containing the sample $1000 bills in his house. After reporting the murder to the police and the discovery of the bills the authorities match the serial numbers to the Pittsburgh heist Hickey & Boggs are informed of a $25,000 reward. Now the boys have a motivated goal. The detectives Hickey & Boggs are similar to their earlier counterparts in spirit but here in this film they have almost lost the power to change their situations. In part I think this is more the fault of the screenplay. Whether the original Walter Hill screenplay or Bill Culp's changes or studio suits are to blame is worth investigating. In classic hard boiled stories the confrontations were small scale, the stories convoluted but still simple. Here, our two dicks are out gunned in three confrontations even battling helicopter mounted machine guns at the final denouement. This may be an effect of the increasing popularity of the Action Genre in the 70's and trying to modernize a traditional noir story into an action film rather than any statement of the ineffectuality of a private dick in the modern world. But Hicey & Boggs do win in the end but at a big cost. A film not without faults 8/10.

Reviewed by westernone 3 / 10 / 10

Culp and Cosby go flat.

It would seem that this film would be banking on residual affection for the action spy series of the sixties, "I SPY", where Culp and Cosby played bright, funny pals that joked and wisecracked their way through the cloak-and-dagger adventures. But here, they make no attempt to revive that devil-may-care camaraderie, and apparently thinking they needed to be taken seriously as action stars, play nothing for laughs. They don't kid around at all, in fact they never even smile or get emotional one way or another. They're sullen and tired and cynical with none of the chemistry that worked so well before.It's not like they're hostile to each other, more like indifference, like somebody you work with, but never have any personal stake in. Maybe they thought these characters would be more realistic, but the fantastic situations are not. Several times big exploding catastrophes take place in what should be very public places, yet no one's around. The plot is convoluted and unexciting. Ifyou went in because you liked Cup and Cosby, you'll be disappointed in this downer.

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