Hide and Seek

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Dakota Fanning as Lily Abdal
Elisabeth Shue as Jenny Cadine
Famke Janssen as Leeanne Magruder
Melissa Leo as Dr. Suzanne Pincus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Alex Harvey 8 / 10 / 10

Kept me guessing until the end

Thoroughly enjoyed this film. Very good at building suspense but also had genuine scare moments. Big shock at the end makes it that more memorable. Very good acting from a young Dakota Fanning and De Niro. Very well told story with a defined theme and tone. Overall a very memorable, tense and enjoyable horror/ psycho thriller.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 7 / 10 / 10

A good story in a regular but forgettable film.

This film tells the story of a psychiatrist who has to help his young daughter to overcome her mother's death while, at the same time, he makes his own mourning. But the child starts talking about an invisible friend who seems increasingly violent and cruel. Robert De Niro takes the lead role and, contrary to many people's thoughts, I don't think he's too old for such roles. He has acted in a restrained and sweet manner, tempered with psychological depth, which shows us De Niro's versatility and his suitability for a wide range of characters, not just the tough mafia bosses who have made him famous. Dakota Fanning was very well too, far from the absolutely annoying performance she'd given us in "War of Worlds" (in which she just screamed constantly as she was dragged across the set). The suspense is built gradually, convincingly and pleasantly. I noticed that some parts are very easy to anticipate and, from a certain point, it doesn't invest in the thickening of the plot, but besides these defects, its a film that fulfills what promises and entertains the public quite well without, however, being brilliant. Worth watching, even if we forget it quickly.

Reviewed by Davis P 7 / 10 / 10

Twist I didn't see coming....

Hide and Seek (2005) starring Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning is an interesting movie. De Niro gives a great performance as David, I can't go into deep detailed specifics without spoiling things, but just suffice to say his performance is good, and so is Dakota Fanning's. Fanning really proved that she's more than the cutesie little girl in the cat in the hat. Elisabeth Shue has a fairly small role, but with what material she does have, she does well with it. Famke fits her role well and her character doesn't have all that much to do or Day up until the final act of the film, but she handles the portions of the movie she's in well. The movie keeps you in complete suspense and constantly guessing about who Charlie is and if he's real and really what his origin/background is. The whole time up until the end I was wondering who he was, if he was that character or another, what he was all about.... overall I was satisfied with the ending and I was pretty satisfied with the film, acting and all. 7/10 for Hide and Seek (2005).

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